Reason Why EARLY Ultrasound Scan Is A MUST For Every Pregnant Woman

Ectopic Pregnancy is a life threatening EMERGENCY.
The expected home of a fertilized egg that becomes a baby is the womb. For different reasons, some of these fertilized eggs(babies) never make it to the womb. Any pregnancy outside the womb is an ECTOPIC.
In ectopics, pregnancy can stay in the woman’s tube, ovaries, lining of/within any part of the tummy etc.
As the pregnancy grows, it becomes bigger than the space it is occupying & can rupture/burst, leading the severe blood loss or death of the women in some cases.
This is why EARLY Ultrasound scan is a MUST for every pregnant woman so the location of pregnancy can be confirmed.
If picked early, life saving managment can start.
When did you do your first scan in your pregnancy?
Have you ever had/seen an ectopic pregnancy?
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