Reasons Why You Should Get Enough Sleep And Rest

After a whole lot of stress from work and attending to the house chores, the fact that you could get so busy trying to conclude on the day’s duty may in many ways weakens you and sometimes, can mess up your day and make you feel sick. A good sleep at night can take care of the stress and keeps you ‘up strong’ for the next day routines.

Just as the body need balance diet and exercise, sleep, even though always neglected, is essential component of the overall health and well-being of every individual, as it helps the body fit and ready for the next day. Getting a good night sleep may help prevent heart disease and other illnesses.

It is important you make effort to embrace adequate sleep from time to time.

One sleepless night can bring anger, depression and even confusion.

In addition, lack of sleep can affect the desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you skip to sleep, which is not a good thing to do, it affects your mood. Sleeping regularly improves a lot in your body and have many health benefits.

1. Reduce blood pressure and Keeps your heart healthy

Studies has shown that high blood pressure lead to heart disease. It is believed that while you’re asleep your blood pressure regulate, giving your heart and blood vessels a bit of rest and can promote better overall heart health. Less sleep can lead to high blood pressure, which can lead to heart disease and even stroke.

2. Keeps your brain sharp

Having enough sleep plays many functions. One common experience you would have when your body do not get enough sleep is the inability to focus and retain details.

If you can remember, how was it at work the last time you went to the office without getting enough sleep the previous night because you stayed awake to complete the report for submission the next day? If you run low on sleep, you are going to have to make up with enough sleep to be able to learn and store memories and get ready for another day. Do not ignore to give your body that rest when necessary.

3. Boost your mood and prevent depression

The believe about early morning communication is true. This is because the brain relaxes during sleep and can process your emotions. Giving yourself a good sleep prepares and gives you positive reactions.

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4. Make the immune system stronger

There had been lot of theory, especially during the covid-19 pandemic on boosting the immune system. Many of which do not include sleep. However, moments after the Nigerian government finally lift the lockdown that permits markets to operate 7 days as usual, a lot of market woman have testify to the fact that the Covid-19 lockdown really gives them time to rest and as such, they suddenly get freed from certain kind of regular illness that has being on the routine for year. They believe such illnesses comes as a result of every day stress without proper rest.

Sleeping helps your body to recover and play a very important role in making the immune system stronger to fight diseases. Some research have shown that adequate sleep help fight infection.

5. A boost to Athletic Achievement

Adequate amount of sleep can boost your athletic performance. If you are going to be at your best performance in that competition, then sleep well. As an athlete you need quite a lot of energy. You are going to do yourself a lot of good out there if you really take out enough time to sleep.

Whether you are a footballer, runner or biker, what keeps you strong to the end is motivation. And one thing that kills motivation in the field of game is lack of sleep. As part of your preparation for the competition, having enough sleep will keep you smart and quicken your performance.

Medically, adequate sleep for adults is 7 and 9 hours a night. An athletes can have 10 hours sleep. This is good. Getting enough sleep gives you energy and help you coordinate, have good mental reasoning and better performing speed.

6. Social and emotional intelligence

Sleep plays a critical role in a variety of functions, is important for the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of every person. Lack of sleep can cause children to be inattentive in class. It in turn increases attention lapses and reduces learning capacity.

According to report from onlinelibrary, a previous studies have shown that sleep loss has a detrimental effect on the ability of the individuals to process emotional information.


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