Regular vs High Dose of Folic Acid… Neural Tube Defects Can Be Prevented

It is best to increase your storage even before you get pregnant.

Let’s do small maths 

Most women need 400-600mcg/0.4/0.6mg of Folic acid daily before & during pregnancy.

5mg of folic acid is HIGH DOSE

High Dose is used in;

  • Women that have had a child that had Neural Tube Defect(NTD)/ other abnormalities
  • Baby’s father has/ has family history of NTD
  • Women with seizure disorders on medications
  • Women on antifolate medications
  • Obese women
  • Women with Diabetes
  • Women who smoke

Folic acid is beneficial through out pregnancy (not only before pregnancy/ in first trimester)

In first trimester, it prevents abnormalities.

In addition, it helps you build your blood up which prevent anaemia.

Using Folic acid is a win win.

Can men use it?

Yes, it is beneficial to men.
For fathers in waiting, it can also improve sperm quality.

Its usually one tablet
Some come as 400mcg a day
Some 5mg a day
Just one tablet a day


From an amazing mum that gave me permission to share.
Neural Tube Defects can be prevented.

Check out the comment;

“Please mothers, take your folic acid, I have a baby thank God she is alive and gradually getting healthy, but I am paying for not taking my folic acid or ante natal drugs.”

Thanks to @NaijaObgyn

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