Russian Military Helicopter Crashes In A Fireball

A Russian military helicopter has repeatedly spiralled out of control, crashing in a ball of flames early this morning.

The helicopter crashed moments after takeoff. It rose to a height of around 50ft but appeared out of control from the beginning.

A video caught the horrific Mi-8 incident in which all four servicemen, three crew members and one technician on board, died at the main military and civilian airport near Anadyr in the country’s easternmost region Chukotka.








Thick black some was seen rising into the air from the crash site as the Mi-8 swaying from side to side and apparently flipping moments before hitting the ground and bursting into flames.

A defence ministry source the reason for the accident could be a technical fault.

According to report, the helicopter was attempting a test flight after undergoing repairs, footage shows firefighters dousing flames of the crashed helicopter.

Chukotka regional government representative confirmed that two black boxes were found at the scene.

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