Science-Based Health Benefits Of Drinking Plenty Water

Adequate water intake has lots of health benefits to the body. Many claims shows that taking enough water may reduce body weight. There are suggestions that drinking adequate amounts of water before meal, especially when combined with healthy diet may have weight loss benefit.

According to Health Authorities, the amount of water intake recommended per day is eight (8) glasses, resulting to about 2 liters. You may not really know the amount of water your body need a day. The body is said to give or take about 60% water. This means that as you constantly take adequate water you constantly lose water from your body through either urine and sweat and to compensate for the lost fluids, more water is needed; drinking enough water help to prevent dehydration.

Opinions from some gurus in the health sector suggest to;
1. Constantly drink water when thirsty and even when not thirsty at all.
2. Drink more water when the temperature is high.
3. Drink water while doing exercise.
4. Drink water 30 minutes before meals: This is said to be most effective.
5. Drink water first thing early in the morning.

Water intake depend on the individual
The truth is, as you keep taking water, you end up not knowing the amount of water you take or that your body need in a day. Depending on individual body, there is the need to drink enough water.

There are so many health challenges that water will help to prevent. Base on the quantity of water, some health problem such as cancer, skin hydration and kidney stones may respond well.

Some studies revealed that more water intake
* Lower the risk of bladder and colorectal cancer
* Decrease the risk of kidney stones
* Help to hydrate the skin

Unlike dehydration, which reduces memory performance and so on, water make you stay hydrated, and help in physical performance. Staying hydrated influence brain function.

Low water consumption, according to study, appears to be a risk. Whatever your goal is, drinking more water is best to the body. As much as you can, drinking plenty of water everyday will

  1. Reduce the risk of kidney stones.
  2. Prevent hangovers, the unpleasant symptoms experienced after drinking alcohol. During to alcohol, the body loses more water. Less water remember, can lead to dehydration and so many risk accompanied dehydration.
  3. Help gain weight loss.
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