See The Locally Made Car By 3 Nigerians, Ifeanyichukwu Hezekiah, Ugwu Stephen And Amalum Chikamso

Nigerians are hardworking, we are innovative, creative and smart. A popular author wrote, as a man thinketh, so is he!. A group of Young Nigerian inventors namely Ifeanyichukwu Hezekiah, Ugwu Stephen, and Amalum Chikamso unveils the prototype of vehicle they manufactured themselves in Lagos.

Speaking Exclusively to The Punch Newspapers, the young men explained how they were able to come up with the prototype. They explained that the car was built from local and scrap materials that they see around, the construction of the car took them 9 solid months of hard work. For example, the tires were removed from an old car, the steering was customized and the list goes on.

The dashboard, for example, was customized from the tricycle popularly called Keke Napep and the fuel consumption is very low.

AutoReportNG watched the clip and we realized that the car runs on batteries who is good for the environment as this will help to stop emission of carbon monoxide. Ifeanyi did a test run of the car and we leave you to assess it yourself. They are looking for investors that will help to make their dreams a reality.

These are some of the pictures and images we had for you.












Watch the video here…


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