“She Lured Him Into Sex And This Happened”

by Sunday Akanni Moshood


Kindly reflect upon the story of a guy named Fred:

“Fred was a very intelligent and talented guy in his mid-twenties. His parents were strong faithful Christians, and their faith influenced Fred greatly. His parents’ faith and influence molded him into a responsible guy who ignored the pleasures of the world (fornication, wild-parties, clubbing, alcoholism, etc) but focused squarely on his future. And so, Fred was obviously on a path to greatness in life.

As at when he was at his final year in the University, he was still on a first-class, and was still enjoying various sponsorships from various organizations. In fact, one of these organizations – a multinational company – already promised him a lucrative job immediatey he graduated from the University. The job was attached with lucrative packages, including an official house and an official car. Fred was the envy of everyone in his school, everyone recognised the fact that he has a very bright and glorious future ahead of him.

The problem started when Fred crossed paths with a lady called Vivian. Actually, Vivian was Fred’s ex-secondary school classmate. When they were still in secondary school, Fred and Vivian were always contending for the first position each term. They were obviously the brightest students in their class, though they weren’t close friends.

And so, Fred was surprised when he received a call from a strange number who later identified herself as Vivian – his former classmate back then in secondary school. She told him she was within the environs of his University and asked for his address. Afterwards, she started visiting him frequently, obviously trying hard to establish a relationship between them, even bringing him cooked foods just to make him comfortable with her.

Then, on an unfortunate day, she visited his room on a cold rainy evening, putting on a revealing provocative dress that threw Fred off balance. She lured Fred into having sex with her, and that day, Fred had his first sex right there on his bed.

However, immediately after that encounter, Vivian stopped contacting or visiting him. In fact, she ignores his calls intentionally whenever he tried reaching her. Weeks later, Fred was experiencing changes in his body system. He was frequently getting sick and was losing a lot of weight, getting leaner and dry. His frequent sicknesses made him missed numerous tests and even his final exams. It was when the multinational company that had offered him automatic employment decided to treat him in their private clinic that they discovered the main problem. Fred has contracted a dread sexually transmitted virus! The news quickly spread round the school. Before Fred died a humiliating death, he was subjected to stigmatization and constant ridicule – especially from those who have always been jealous of him.

And that was how Fred, the youngster with a very bright future, thwarted his life just because of few minutes pleasure. Indeed, the grave yard is the richest place on earth, as it contains numerous unused potentials and talents.

What Fred never knew was that Vivian, a promiscuous lady, contracted the virus from one of her numerous sex partners. As soon as she got aware of this, she swore not to die alone but to share the virus with various other people, especially those with promising futures.

She drafted a list of those she knew are endowed with talents, intelligence and with a bright future ahead. Then she began getting closer to them one by one, luring them into sex and sharing the virus with the unsuspecting folks……..

This is the unfortunate story of Fred, and I’m sure you will have drawn a lot of lessons from it. I want you to understand something. You have a bright future ahead, and you are meant to achieve and do great things in life. I’m confident of this because your Creator – God – created you superbly.

However, the devil, who is your adversary, hates you bitterly and is bent on destroying you and your destiny. The devil’s major aim is to steal, kill and destroy. Nevertheless, you are guaranteed safety and immunity when you made Jesus Christ Lord and Savior of your life and you live your life obeying His commandments and doing His Will.

The devil has numerous agents meant to lure you into sin and get your life ruined. That handsome guy or beautiful lady around you might actually have an ulterior motive towards you, while you think they are innocent.

Illicit sexual activities have ruined a lot of lives, please flee from it. Get closer to God and ask for the Holy Spirit to reveal and expose the plans of the evil ones towards you. God will help you live a life of purity and give you an expected end (a good and fulfilling future)



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