Shocking Photos From Indonesian Earthquake/Tsunami That Killed Over 1,200

The death toll from an earthquake and tsunami that devastated part of the island of Sulawesi has risen to 1,203 with the total number expected to climb higher still.

The tsunami, which was triggered after a magnitude 7.5 earthquake, ripped through the Pacific Ring of Fire and crashed into the city of Palu at 500mph, causing widespread destruction into the evening on Friday.

Figures collected by the National Police Headquarters put the number killed at 1,203 people.

The death toll is expected to climb even higher.

Search and rescue team have struggled to reach cut-off communities feared wiped out by the disaster.

As many as 200 people are feared buried under the debris of just one residential complex in the Palu, which has also been hit by deadly ‘liquefaction’ of the ground where tremors turn layers of sand and soil in to mush creating a sink hole effect.







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