Should Christians Tithe? – Pastor Sarah Omakwu

Pastor Sarah Omakwu, the senior pastor of Family Worship Centre, Abuja speaks on tithe

Speaking on the theme “Giving to God: Giving Through The Lenses Of An Abundance Mentality,” the pastor said that God cannot ask us to do what he cannot do. In other word, what we give to God is the least of all. Therefore whatever we are giving to God we must give it joyfully.

She continued by asking the question
Should Christians Tithe?

There are 3 things God want from you before your money. Listed below
1. God want your body; heart, diligence, will, intellect, emotion.
2. Your obedience
3. Your worship; adoration, praise,

If your body is not committed to God, God doesn’t want your money. She insist that sleeping with man for money and giving part of it to God as offering is not acceptable to God. “God doesn’t want it – the first thing God want from you is you, she said.”

Speaking more on the question, Should Christians Tithe?
She said, there had been an inbuilt attribute of man to give to God from the beginning. There have been sacrifices of animals. Even in the time of Cain and Abel, God respected the offering of Abel because Abel made the sacrifice of quantity and quality. For every offering you bring to God, God look at you first before your sacrifice. So from time God loves a cheerful giver.

She however said that in every settings there must be people who hate tithing, and urge Christians not to join those who speak against tithe.

She mentioned Noah, Abraham as people who gave sacrificially to God. There are certain sacrifice that will make God turn His word on you.

Reading Malachi 3:7-12, the pastor said that Christians don’t have to tithe by law because of grace. She said that Jesus Tithe because he was in the time of the law. People also gave him gift during his ministry, Luke 8: 1-3. And that every ministry is run with money. According to her, when Jesus died he said it is finished meaning the law ended. And now living by grace began, tithing under law also ended and a new way of living began.

God never change. If God said we should pay tithe it means we should do it but not under law anymore but under grace. She stressed that Christians urge to tithe even more under grace that under law. God requires that we give our possessions, including ourselves, in service to Him. Tithing, as a form of giving, is not a debt you owe, but a seed you sow. Give to God because you trust, honour, reverence and love Him.

If we were to sacrifice goat each time we commit sin as human, there would have been no goat anymore because our sins would have killed all the goats. She said that not paying tithe was it was a curse under the law curse but under grace we are not curse if we do not tithe. Under grace we do not have to tithe like a religious experience duty. “Under law you gave out of necessity but under grace you give out of love and gratitude. Nothing you give is good enough under grace because when you think of the drunken you, the wayward you, the you that was broke and couldn’t amount to anything, but God picked you and place you on a good ground and favored you, your 10% tithe to God is nothing to you anymore.” She said under law you give because you are afraid of the curse but under grace you give because you are grateful. You give in joy under grace.

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