Should Pregnancy Mothers Drink Alcohol?

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The truth is, let go the alcohol thing if you are pregnant and if you are soon getting pregnant. It is important for expecting mom to know pregnancy signs. If you are used to alcohol and have a sense of those signs, you should stop the intake of alcohol even before going to the doctor.

If you are pregnant, it is better not to drink alcohol at all than to drink little. For your own good and for the safety off your unborn babe, stopping is the best. Do not drink alcohol during pregnancy no matter how little the units of alcohol or the space of time you give before taking another. However, this is a guideline that is base on research from professionals in the field, you can call your doctor for more clarification but until then, do not touch the glass of alcohol at all.

Alcohol drink is said to freely crosses the placenta, goes into your bloodstream and can reach your baby. Study shows that baby’s can’t break down alcohol easily and that the baby’s liver is one of the last organs to develop while he’s in the womb. Development of such organ can be affect by the alcohol you take.

Alcohol is said to have the risk of miscarriage and a higher rate of premature birth or having smaller babies. And can have effect on the poor health of your babe later in the future. According to experts, drinking alcohol during pregnancy put your unborn babe to a high risk even after birth. The more alcohol you drink increases your baby’s risk of having a lifetime problems which can result to brain damage and abnormal facial features. Affects the learning, social understanding, speech and growth of that child.

There is no woman who would not want to give birth to a perfectly healthy babe. Now, study shows that the first 12 weeks of pregnancy is the most sensitive period, the developing foetus can be affected by alcohol. This article advises you to abstain from alcohol if you have plan to get pregnant and all through your pregnancy. Plan your pregnancy and include safety tips to help you have a sound baby delivery. Do not go into unplanned pregnancy.

What happened if I drink alcohol without knowing I’m pregnant?

Well, many women get pregnant and even themselves don’t know. But there are pregnancy signs to always take to consideration. Do not worry if you just find out you’re pregnant all the while taking alcohol. Just cut from alcohol as soon as you know so as to avoid complications.

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