Safety Measures To Prevent Gas Explosion From Gas Cooker

By I. A. Dickson


Of the truth, many people rather spend more money to get a good gas cooker. But gas cookers can be dangerous despite the fact that it’s a very good gas cookers; that’s one thing we all must have in mind.

First, it is advisable to always make sure you get a good gas cooker and not just buy anything you come across in the market and shops.

The “Only God can safe mentality” is not part of the discussion here. Reason is because God has already given us skills to prevent danger and live to fulfill purposes. The important think is that you have to commit your safety to God – very important. But after or before you do so. Take some preventive measure and observe your checks on some of these things that can endanger life.

To save the danger of a gas cooker, below are some safety measures to take to prevent what is called gas explosion, which may result from a gas cooker. But no need for fear because gas cooker hardly explod.

1. Keep Away From Children:

You know children can play. And they love playing with anything. Don’t blame them for that, that is their nature. But on your own part as parents and guardians, do all it takes to keep it away from them and make sure they don’t play with your gas cooker. No child should be allowed to use the gas cooker, no matter how intelligent he/she is.

2. Ensure you constantly keep your gas cylinder outside your apartment:

In some apartments, the landlords made provision for all cylinders to be kept outside, which is good. If your home do not have such space, find yourself a space. Leaving your gas cylinder outside dons’t guarantee 100% safety. It is dangerous to you and to your neighbors. But while that is necessary, you will need to make sure you carry out some regular checks as will be discuss soon.

3. Do not continue usage if you perceive any leakage:

You ask, what if you are to go out quickly and just have to prepare some delicacy to your family; well, it’s better preventing than to think of the cure. Smell is a sign of leakage, if you smell a leakage, while checking that professional, ensure you open all the doors and windows for proper ventilation. Never strike a matches or put on a lighter when you percieve the smell of gas in either your room or kitchen or any part of your home.

4. Keep regular check and service on both cylinders, hose and burners:

As you may know, a gas cooker should have a considerable length of hose from the source of the gas to the point of ignition. Though to some smaller cylinders, the long hose is not considered necessary, but it’s good if mounting burner directly on the cylinder can be avoided. Any gas cooker, cooking gas cylinder and the hose need check and servicing at regular bases. If possible, do your checking everyday.

Sometimes the valve can leak. If you put water in the valve and it bubbles, it’s one way to know there’s leakage. If it doesn’t, that means the valve is OK.

5. Consider the expiring date:

Do you know that the gas cooker has an expiring date? Or do you know that the hose expires? Even your gas cylinder do – avoid expired gas cylinder. Now that you know, note also, it isn’t that harmful immediately after expiration but you will need to always be mindful and not wait till it gets worse. Use carefully and replace them when necessary.

6. Have quick fire fighting devices at home:

I know of many homes I have visited who have the biggest gas cylinder and gas cookers but don’t have any fire fighting device, so I advice them to get one. There is nothing to fear, you already know how long you have been using your gas without any issue. But the reason for fire fighting devices is because there are little-little dangers it may help handle ‘should in case. And not just that you have the fire fighting devices. Most importantly, be able to remember to make good use of them if the need occurs.

7. Change bad hose, valve as often as possible to avoided leakage:

I will change tomorrow, next tomorrow, next week, next market day is not advisable, do it as it is necessary.

Avoid the mistake of keeping your gas cooker on overnight or when not using:

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