Step To Preventing Teenagers From Becoming Wayward Children

You will agree with me about the rampant uccurence of teenagers involvement in series of crime ‘cyber crime, rituals; some of them end up been used for ritual…’ As part of effort by the military to make the society crime-free, some of these teenagers ended up in prison and some even died.

You will also agree with me that teenage stage is very crucial in the moral up-bringing of a child. And as such, key factors need to be place to keep the stage vertically and horizontally balance.

That means that every parents is expected to take preventive steps to prevent the waywardness of their children, or ease, you have them grow to become irelevant and cowards.

Just today, I heard of the story of a boy fighting his father and I said it is because of his upbringing. You argue that? Fine… But whether the boy child or the girl child, the values they are exposed to has greater impact in what they become as they grow.

Let’s look at some of the preventive measures you must take and they are very important…

i. Do not creat unnecessary fear in a child: They should feel comfortable and loving to speak to you.

ii. Watch to make sure your child’s friends are of good behavior: That will play a huge role in their behavior too.

iii. Show genuine care and love to your children: Let them feel loved at home and grow knowing that daddy nod mummy love them.

iv. Do not neglect your child’s needs: If you neglect their needs, the will look for it elsewhere. As much as it is good to give to your child, that should not be done in excess. Mind what you are giving to them, the quantity and time you are to give to them.

v. Do not be too strict with them: It will cause the opposite of that good nature you expect from your child.

vii. Avoid repected mistakes revolving around them: Do all you can to keep your kids from repecting the same mistakes you or your parents made and do not make same mistakes with. Because your child play and enter cutter doesn’t mean you do them same as them, you should correct them when they do wrong knowing they are but kids.

viii. Restrict some of their movement: In-as-much as it is important to let them feel free and play, as that help their mentally stability and otherwise, certainly give them restriction in some kind of movement.

ix. Place value on your child’s education: Take responsibility for their education, even when they don’t feel like  Apart from the shelter and and feeding you provide for your kids, education remain must valuable and is foundation. You know it will be to your priority if your child becomes the prime minister tomorrow.

x. Pray for your kids always: Life is spiritual. The more you understand it the better person you become. Before anything become real in the physical, they are made happen in the spiritual. You must understand that no matter the millions of dollars you spend on your child, he or she grows not knowing who the are or what they worth if God is out of it. So, you build that child’s future in the place of prayer too.


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