Steps To Get A Nigerian Driver’s License For The First Time

Acquiring a driving skill is not enough permit to take a car on the road. Even when you get the knowledge from a driving school and under the watch of a professional, getting your driver’s license is not a negotiable talk more of acquiring driving knowledge from an unqualified drivers. There are some basic driving techniques and skills you will learn from a qualified trainer, such that is very helpful in emergency situations.

Apart from your driving knowledge, a valid driver’s license is necessary as one guarantee for safety.

This license, in most countries, is compulsory from when you are a leaner, meaning you do not have to go with the mindset of escaping been got, because definitely, you will pay if you try. Notwithstanding, many drivers still go out for their daily routines without a valid driver’s license and return without been got ‘for lack of proper checks.

Every time you put a car on the road and return safely, life and properties are safe also and this is one key reason every government need active check of road vehicle users to fetch out those unqualified drivers who still neglect the use of a driver’s license.

In today’s road, most of the accidents reported is as a result of lack of proper training. Learning how to drive should not about knowing how to control the steering or how to match brake. Knowing to be patience with other road users, understanding road signs, knowing when to and when not to overtake and many more is important. Till tomorrow, many drivers don’t know the side proper to overtake a vehicle in front and even those who knows do not keep to it.

If you are used to boarding taxi, you’ll be shock that some drivers hardly make use of the side mirror. When he or she don’t get it right with the other drivers on the road, the best way to settle is by giving the five fingers symbolizing ‘Waakaa.”

Getting a driving license to drive means that you have undergone training, screened OK to ensure the safety of life and prosperties. It is in the process of following the right procedure to acquire driver’s license that people with poor driving knowledge should be refused license, hence, such persons should sit up and possibly re-train to perfection, so as to help protect lives and properties.

In Nigeria, getting a valid driver’s license is not a big deal. It is as easy as walking into an office and telling the receptionist what you want and then you get it. But in getting the license, there are processes required, and as a first time driver, following due process to acquire the license is an ideal thing to do.

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As a first time driver…
Requirement for getting a driver’s license

1. Learn from a driving school and a good instructor

Do you know that you have an issued learners permit when you are train by accredited driving school? This learners permit protects you in the case you are involved in any accident.
You need to first of all learn to drive from a driving school. Be sure the school is accredited. Do not underrate the service of professionals when it comes to learning how to drive. Experts in the field have driving skills. They understand road signs and they know how to share the idea with you.

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2. Be ready to stand the VIO inspection

You cannot go for a driving license when you don’t know how to drive. It is when you must have been trained by a professional that effort to get a license sets in.

Note that for you to qualify for a driver’s license, the VIO will certainly put you to test. In the process of the test, the VIO will know if you know how to drive, understands road signs as well as knowing how to make use of those signs. You will be tested OK to safely ply the road with other road users. Passing this test? You are sure to obtain what is called “Certificate of Proficiency,” from the Vehicle Inspection Officer (VIO).

3. Your freedom to apply for your driver’s license is now

Don’t just rush to get a driver’s license because you now know how you drive. Before you can get a driver license you must first obtain the Certificate of Proficiency from the VIO. With that certificate, you can now apply for a driver’s license at the Driver’s License Centre (DLC). Check out this details for driver’s license centers across Nigeria.

4. Take your application form to the BIR & VIO officers

After applying for the form at the DLC, you will need to take your application form to the BIR, Nigeria Board of Internal Revenue. You also need to present your form to the VIO’s driver’s license centre for confirmation to be made.

The Nigerian Federal Road Safety at the Driver’s License Centre where you submitted your application will then capture the biometric data and give you a temporary driver’s license which is supposed to be valid to sixty days.

5. Do not stop their, go for the original driver’s license

After sixty days of application, the original driver’s license should be ready at the Nigerian Board of Internal Revenue ( BIR)’ for collection. Do pick it up.

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