Sugar Daddies Are Destiny Destroyers – Reno Omokri Warned, Advise Ladies

The popular social media critic, Reno Omokri has advise ladies to beware of sugar daddies. Reno Omokri said that sugar daddies are destiny destroyers.

According to Reno, who is Amazon best selling author, sugar daddies only give ladies money so they can destroy their destinies.

Reno revealed this through his Twitter handle. He illustrate that people feed goat so the goat can get fat for them to kill and it; likely the relationship between a lady and sugar daddies.

Guess his advise is coming from what is seems as the trending behavior of young girls (ladies), dating old and married men who are likely the age of their dad and grand-dad just for money.

3 of his post relative connect, as he warns;

“A man who feeds a goat is not doing so because he loves the goat. He does it because he wants the goat to be fat enough to eat.”


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