Take Back Your Marriage During Lockdown

Even though marriage is regarded as the answer to loneliness, times like this can also make marriage an affliction for couples who have long lost emotional connection and now confined together in the same space all day either working from home or staying at home.

This period of isolation can either make or break your marriage. But the good news is it can also serve as a time to put all your differences aside and become mindful of each other’s well-being.

Recconect with simple moments

This is also a time to go back to basics and reconnect with the simple moments in life by which you can both rediscover peace and happiness together. You can take the chance and fill your lives with enchanting moments that you never had the time to discover. Instances as simply as taking a walk together if you like the outdoors for at least an hour a day in peace and harmony if restrictions permits. After all, the physical health is also connected with mental health.

If you prefer, make the most of your balcony or outdoor space if you have one and sit together to enjoy the unusual tranquillity that has come to stay for now, great for your health and welcome the fresh air into your mind, body and soul.

Be in the present together

A period like this can create different reasons to engage in self-reflections which can yield positive or negative results. It can bring some undesirable flashbacks from the past when you begin to remember all the rejections and failures coupled with the anxiety of being isolated and worrying about what might happen in future.

It is therefore essential to start living in the moment and take each day as it come, focusing on the present moment and appreciating the reason why you are still here and together in your marriage in the first place. When you learn to live in the present, you will both begin to notice the simple things you once took for granted and let go of many of the bitterness and traumas and start to handle things better on a day-to-day basis.

Do not overthink the situation

It is common to start overthinking the situation especially when you are constantly being bombarded with different interpretations that bring nothing but apprehension into your marriage. It is important to pay attention to your thoughts and feelings and how the information coming through are affecting your own emotional well-being.

Remain certain that this period will certainly come to pass irrespective of your mindsets, and it is important that you are well prepared to go back to living your lives to the fullest again and the only way that can be made possible is if you learn to safeguard your own mental health by staying sensible and thoughtful together.

Connect with others

Positive things can also come out of a negative situation, its amazing how many online groups have been created to support couples struggling to cope with self-isolation. This is not the time to keep your feelings to yourselves alone especially if you are finding it extremely difficult to manage the situation due to prolonged disagreements. It is important to share your feelings with other couples especially now.

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