The Habit/ Character-plan Of A Single Lady

Often times we read and talk about planning and how we are going to be so enthusiastic and as a single lady, because of what you are looking for in the space of 5 or 10 years and more, planning becomes a necessity.

You may want to get married at 25, which means you must get your 1st decree ‘if not masters; and you must have a business or you are working. Not only that you want to get married at 25 but that you know what you want and what marriage is all about. You must be able to say to yourself “I will keep myself, I must be respectful, I must dress neat, I must not be seen around with boys because people will not easily understand whether I’m dating them or not; I must be nice to people, hardworking, humble, kind and friendly.”

So you take your time and plan your life and look well before the people. And let me say this, I believe it is important you know that when it comes to marriage, every man is looking for the inward qualities of a woman. You will get it all wrong if you decide to play along with gangsters who put on earring, dyed hear, sacks and… don’t put the passage down for any outer qualities otherwise you will get it all wrong again. If you want to be married, which is what everybody’s dream, you must put waywardness and pride away and be ready for marriage.

When my best friend, Abel, was seriously in need of a life partner, he told me about it and for quite a long time I was worried because Abel was worried about getting a good wife. I have wished for God to grant him that desire because he was a good guy and I wanted him to get a good woman. And for quit some times he hinging me about it until it came to my mind – the beautiful looking Elizabeth; so I told Abel to go for her. I remembered him bringing the ‘what if’ talk but I insist he try. Today, they are happily married with beautiful children. Why do I have to tell you that story? But for the next point I want to make. I suggest Elizabeth to Abel because I have known her over time that she is decent and not a quarrelsome type. I was sure she would make a good wife for my friend. There was also another friend of mine who told me his plan to approach a lady for marriage but I told him ‘No,’ and he listened.

I understand that our future partner should be one who knows how to employ things that really matters. That is different from following a common trend of wanting to enjoy pleasure and play with time before marriage. Many ladies have become victims in the process. It has also resulted to loss of years that should ecologically be used to plan and prepare for marriages.

Have you ever asked yourself these questions;
* How many men would I date before marriage?
* Who will marry me?
* What if I marry the wrong person?
* What if no one Mary’s me?

Now, let me shock you by saying that beauty is an advantage – if you add good character to this your beauty, happiness will blow like boom in your family… I’ve said that to many ladies, especially when they told me they are getting married. But lot of ladies have misused that by freely selling their pride to cowards who deceived them and once they get it through your weakness they are up and gone forever. Probably jump to another.

My parents used to have series of misunderstanding, like your parents do also, and in deferent occasions, precisely 3, I have heard my Dad told my mum, ‘if not that I married you a virgin I would throw you out of my house.” I didn’t really get it until I grew up. And i want to say to a lady reading this; you have a pride that will bring you glory if you are married as a virgin.

Those who truly love you are those who stick by you and they add to your life, when their aim is only to satisfy their lost and pleasure, then note, they don’t really love you. As such, rather than hanging all out with one who placed no true value on you I advice you prepare the way right. If you think the other young man over there is not seeing you then you lie. Every man, no matter how bad they are is looking for a good wife. They can easily discover whether you are wife material, cheap or wayward. they all see from behind.

You may have gotten it wrong but you can amend it from here!!! You could get it wrong if you wait to amend it later. As you read, be rest assured that you are not condemn. You may be a graduate with various degrees, but let me mentor you today. Planning involve lot of thinking. You have to be able to think what you want and plan it. How do you want to be address in the next 15 years or 20? Do you want to be address as the old woman in the make-shift-apartment near the bush or you want to be address as Mrs? Do you want your husband to respect and regard you because he sees the characters of his dream girl in you? Or you want to have him blame himself for marrying you? Choose for yourself what you want and plan it out. Singleness is great but you are more like the smell of a flamboyant flower under the roof of a man who calls you his wife. To those of you who fill confident that you are a fine girl, a queen, and that you are so beautiful and every man looking for you. That may give you another risk of pride. If you will not learn from this article, learn from the many articles across the globe. Your tomorrow matters more than you have time to read this article or any other article. You may have the opinion to beat around the bush but, what choice would you make if that fails.

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