The Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort In Ekiti State, A Place To Visit

Do you intend going for tourists soon? Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort is a centre highly recommended for you.

According to report from tourism experts, Ikogosi warm springs is one of about eight of such warm springs across the world. The warm springs is said to measure temperature of 70°c at the source and 37°c after meeting a cold spring. The meeting point of the warm and cold springs is a unique attraction to tourists.

Recently, due to attention to the resort by the present governor of the state, gov. Fayemi, some level of maintenance were attend. The resort is however one place that attracts tourists to the state. However, it is not a development for a complete state like Ekiti.

Ikogosi, a small town in Ekiti West Local Government area became National and International limelight because of the presence of warm and cold springs flowing in the town. The spring has since become a source of revenue for the Government of the state and also a source of life for the people of the town.








The tourist centres now have warm water swimming pool for visitors. The Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort is located close to the warm and cold springs at Ikogosi. It is a good place for VIP’s as there are Federal Chalets, VIP chalets, VIP Quarters chalets, over 15 Macgee Camp chalets and Western chalets respectively and fully air-conditioned.







The government of the state have also provided a multi-purpose Conference Centre. Restaurant/bar is not exceptional among other facilities provided for tourists and visitors at the resort.








The Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort, located in Ekiti State is a good Tourist centre. It’s been a functional resort with many recorded large influx of tourist during holiday period, especially December. The last Easter was another fun time for those who love and visited the resort.









It’s Discovery

The spring was discovered after a powerful hunter, hunting for animals in the bush, come across the warm spring. The people of the town started to worship the water after they discovered that the warm water was curative and could cure diseases.

Rev. MacGee of the Baptist Church arrived the area to establish a student camp close to the spring. He also built a chapel which is now the Conference Hall you see as you visit. He built the hostels called Macgee Camp chalets. But before then, late Tai Solarin, a Nigerian educator and author heard about the spring in 1960s and brought his students to the place for excursion and thereafter Tai Solarin started to make the warm spring public before Rev. MacGee’s arrival.

Looking further to what benefits each state could derive from tourism, you will agree with me that Nigeria has all it takes to make billions of Naira from tourism, provided there are insightful and proactive Leaders who give attention to a world class resort centre here in Nigeria, placing it in the top attraction lists of tourist centres in the world. On like Dubai, known with deserts and Kenya with forests, Nigeria is bless with both deserts and forests.



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