The Ikoyogen Hills And Cattle Ranch In Benue

The Ikoyogen Hill And Cattle Ranch is located in Kwande Local Government Area; about 35 kilometer East of Adikpo Town in Benue state.

The hills environment maintains the lush green vegetation that makes it a favourite spot for animal grazing which brought about “Ikoyogen Cattle Ranch.” The area provide a good blend of adventure. The sightseeing attract tourists to visit the hills at any time of the year.

Ikoyogen cattle ranch was developed for cattle grazing on the highlands. It possesses a hotel as well as a tourist village.

The area is endowed with national beauty such as hills, water fall, temperate weather conditions. The weather conditions ensures steady green vegetation around the area making a round-the-year grazing.

Nothing is as beautiful in life as enjoying the fresh breeze of nature. And though the Ikoyogen Hills area is beautiful, effort is needed to make these natural gift usefull and showcase the beautiful place to the world. Apart from the Ikoyogen hills,  there are many other maintains and hills in Turan and Abande. The first settlement of the tiv people in Ugbe Tiv Shrine is also a tourist attraction sites that need development.

The Hills in Benue state are situated near Gboko town and feature some of the country’s most beautiful scenery and nature. Most importantly, with approval from government, areas like Ikyogen Hill can  be develop by individual for the not only tourism sector but also for mineral resources.


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