The Impact Of The Church To The Economy Of Nigeria – Daniel Osato Edegbe Uddo

Let us take a little time to consider the impact of the church to the growth of the economy and its role in the reduction of unemployment in the Nigerian society. Most people may never have anything good to write about the modern Nigerian church because of the way it has presented itself overtime, but still we have to consider some of its advantageous input to the growth of the economy.

A young man who dedicated time to serving in the local church as a member of the technical unit without any idea of it, is now operating a Light and sound company by himself and has been able to employ several others to work for him. He installs lighting systems and also sets sound systems for big churches, event halls, open air programs, school occasions and other areas where these services are needed. He earns more than a bank manager and his staffs earn more than bank workers. Remember! He joined the church technical unit with zero idea about sound and lighting.

It is not out place to see big musical artiste who are doing well and in the society all having a similar testimony of starting from the church choir and then picking up a career in music and instrumentation, and now they are forces to reckon with because they have been able to establish themselves and be a blessing to others. Considering the amount of youths that are being paid by music in the society, we see that it has reduced unemployment within the range of 20%, and these people owe their gratitude to the local church where they started from. It wasn’t just about them being in the local church choir, we have also seen how churches invest so much time and resources in training and grooming music ministers, making sure musicals equipment are available, organizing seminars and inviting music tutors to lecture choristers, even go as far as sending some to music schools for proper training. Most of these choristers have gone commercial, some are having bands, record labels, music studios and also run programs to raise income and job creation for others.

I have seen great public and motivational speakers who are where they are today because of the platform they got from the church. From reciting Bible verses to doing special presentations during church programs, they were able to conquer stage fright and have built on how to familiarize with crowd and seize the moment. Also look at great movie actors who started in the church Drama unit and dancers who were diligent and committed to presenting something during special church programs. With these, you will see reason to agree with me that the church if not more than any other agency have been able to FREELY bring up youths to an employable and independent state in the society.
Looking away from the training, grooming and creating development opportunity aspect of it; let me begin to conclude with “The church as an Employer “. I won’t write much on this but will try to create a picture of it in our minds, and by this, we can help to contribute to this post through the comment box.

However, it is a noticeable thing that local churches have been able to employ the use of paid staffs, ranging from the music directors, instrumentalist, sound engineers to church accountants, secretaries, receptionist, office assistants, to cleaners, drivers, security officers, janitors, system operators and so many others… Just think about it! The church has also created massive employment by building schools and other industries. I can boldly say that the church owns more than 50% of the schools in Nigeria (primary, secondary and tertiary).
Now we haven’t even talked about its unbeatable patronage to the Printing Press, media houses and ICT companies (bulk sms, websites, apps and more). From a plain and unbiased mind. We see the economy owes the church so much appreciation for its massive effort in improving the Nigerian economy and reducing employment at all levels.

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