The Moment You Become A Mrs.

I chose to write this thread cos of the growing trend of many ladies leaving their marriages for reasons that will make a sane person puke and it is so funny that these ladies see no big deal in jumping out of their marriage thinking men out there will just jump at them when there are countless numbers of beautiful never married ladies out there.

One big fact i want every married lady to know is this ….

The moment you are married,the seal of spinsterhood is broken and such seal can never be fixed…in other words…if you leave that union,you can never be seen as a never married or single lady so to say but you automatically become a divorcee. And in most cases also,when men approach divorcees for romantic union,they usually have the mindset that it’s a favor they are rendering to these ladies which is why many lady divorcees end up single for a very long time and many end up as intimacy gadgets in the hands of randy men.

Why this sermon? it is to tell ladies that they must really think before they go into any marriage because it is better to be never married at 40 than to be a divorcee at 30.Ladies should see marriage as a very special Institute they must guard and should never take for granted at a time guys don’t need a wife to enjoy what husbands enjoy as sex is cheap and it is quite easier getting a baby mama rather than going through the stress of fatherhood…it is quite easier for a guy to spend his money on himself rather than spending on a family.

Believe it or not,most guys in marriage of 5 years and above secretly wish that they have the chance to be with a new lady but only few remain disciplined so it is your duty to guard your marriage and take it very seriously.

For those ladies who are quick to say “I will leave my marriage if my hubby cheats on me”…have you ever thought of the fact that when he eventually cheats on you to your face then he really wants you to leave.

Most ladies who say marriage is not necessary usually enjoy hopping from one man to another and i wonder if that is their preferred option. I will advise them to wake up from their delusion and have a rethink. Marriage is more of companionship than sexual intimacy and no matter how beautiful a lady is,in most cases,once she gets into her 40s,the hype of having men flock around her will dwindle and loneliness becomes the order of the day,…only then will she understand that indeed,marriage is an important aspect of life no woman should joke with.

Marriage is more spiritual than physical and nothing gladdens the Devil more than seeing marriages crumble since it is the very institution GOD meticulously established so it is your duty as a lady to guard your marriage and the only logical reason for you to leave your marriage is if your life is seriously threatened…any other reason can be worked out. No matter how many times you change men,there will always be a reason to leave so stop running about and make your marriage work.

There is no good or bad choice of spouse but what we have is your choice and what you make out of it.

This will definitely make no sense to many ladies but… NEVER ALLOW ANOTHER LADY PUSH YOU OUT OF YOUR MARRIAGE OR YOU MAY REGRET IT.

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