The Plan To End Almajiri System In Nigeria – Governor El-Rufai

Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna state has said that the 19 Northern governors in the country have  agreed with collective effort to bring an end to Almajiri system in Nigeria.

Stating on Wednesday, the governor said the Northern governors are ready to face anyone who dares to stand on their way in realising an end to the Almajiris system.

He said this on Channels Television programme ‘Politics Today.’

Governor El-Rufai said the almajiri culture is archaic and has not resulted to anything positive in the Northern region as well as the Nigerian state. He added that the northern governors have been looking for ways to bring Almajiri’s to an end, and even as that could not be achieve, he said that COVID-19 pandemic has given them the opportunity to make it a reality as the Almajiri system has become a such capable of mortgaging the future of youths and creating problems for modern generation.

“What the Northern Governors Forum has determined is to end this (Almajiri) system once and for all because it has not worked for our part of the country and it has been a source of problem for the rest of the country and we are determined to end it once and for all”.

We have discussed this and we are ready to face anyone on this subject. There is nowhere in the world where children go through this kind of system which does not give life skills, does not prepare them for modern education and creating future problems for generations.

We are ready to face any­one that wants to confront us on this matter. All the 19 northern governors, we took a decision collectively and we are going to implement it to the letter.

We are ready for any back­lash but we will not mortgage the future of our children and put our region at risk as well as Nigeria at risk with the con­tinuation of this system. It is archaic, it is out-of-date. It has not led to any positive result for our region and for our country and so, we must end it, he said.

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