The Power Of Money

By I. A. Dickson


It was a serious fight between the two young men, when I got to know why they fought, it was because of money.

Checking through my inbox on my birth day, a text from one of the banks reads “Wishing you a more glorious and happy year’s ahead_ happy birthday from all of us at _ bank.” Then I had some money in my account but when there was no money at all, my 2013 birthday SMS from same bank was reminding me of the O figure I had in my account.

Money has power. There are certain things we would do when we have money – such that we cannot do when there is no money. But then, money kills.

Because of money he chooses to dance naked on the street ‘was what a friend told me about a man.

Money answered to many things. When you have money, everything you see on the street tells you “buy me, buy me.” Many spend more than they have to get what they can do without. The temptation from the cash in the hand has lead many to rush and buy the car they drove to their early grave. Though money answered to many things, money is not everything. Money is good. Work hard but don’t do crime to get it.

Money has value. The value of money is in what money can buy. It is good to have money but the love of money is the root of all evil. At one million, it seems it should be two million and at two million, it’s like it should be three, four, five and so on.

‘Money easy to spend but difficult to get’ is a general saying. You could spend your hardened money within seconds on things not worth spending money on. But take note; that little cash in your hand can fetch you millions in the coming years if you add idea and use it well.

Everybody needs money but money is not everything.  To love money is to love evil. No one ever hated money. To some, doing anything to get money is a way of Live! Those who refuse doing evil to get money are few by grace. Others will do less and are paid more, while some work more and are paid less.

Words speak with money is more powerful and move faster. Money without power is sure to terminate and fail. When you have money you have power and when power gives a command, it germinates and stands. So also, power without a word is like money without an idea. Power is authority, it is made manifest by a spoken word. No man ever went to the grave with money or power. So therefore, whether we live we live for God, we die we die for God. What much to think about if a man die like the rich sinner.

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