The Ugly Situation APC Is Trying To Hide

So I spent the whole of yesterday night listening to the so called Saraki Audio as released by the APC propaganda machinery. The first thing that struck me was the source of the video. One Kayode Ogundamisi a renowned OPC members that supervised the killing of more than five thousand Hausas in Lagos but still walking freely!

Instead of diverting the attention of the polity with this video. The APC should tell us where Yemi Osinbajo an acclaimed pastor and his minions at NEMA kept the money they stole and why they had to award contracts without following due process. Can we also know why NEMA under the supervision of Osinbajo failed to distribute 160,000 bags of rice donated to Nigeria by China but left to rot away in NEMA warehouse!

Can we also know why Oshiomole sold Sheu Sanni’s ticket for two million dollars through Hadiza Bala Usman. And for Hadiza, I have read her rejoinder to and I laughed. This is the same woman that has destroyed the nation’s port and maritime industry.

As a Northerner, I advised that the Change government run an issue based campaign. We should ask ourselves why Polio had to come back to the North after we’ve won the battle. What has Buhari done for the North in the area of Education and Healthcare??

Buhari is our problem not Saraki! My dear Northerners please share until it gets to Buhari

Abdullahi Abdulsalam

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