Things Necessary To Keep Your Car Longer And Stronger

It is one thing to buy a car, maintaining the car is another. You have another serious responsibility maintaining than you purchases the car. Maintaining a car keeps the car longer, stronger and safe, and it is a continuous process.

On like when proper maintenance is not applied, could result to noise and other problems. It is a different result altogether that can make the car depreciate in no time.

Many car owners make the mistake of just starting their car and so long as the car starts, they are good to go without adequate check on the car before they move it out for the day. Shortly after all, the vehicle start developing faults and they end up paying for repair.

The truth is, as you keep using the car, you are going to keep understanding the car from one angle to another.

This article carries directives, maintenance tips and advice that will make your car last longer and safe as you ply the way.

Read through the ‘car manual’
Before you read on, have it in mind that your car is going to last longer and stronger if you follow every guideline given by the manufacturer in the manual.

There are lots of maintainable recommendation for the car which you can find when you read through the user’s manual of the car. One thing you must agree with me is that when you follow the guidelines from the producer (manufacturer) to these sense, you cannot be leading wrongly. Those maintenance guidelines you see spelled out on the manual will prevent lot of bigger problems if you follow them.

Make sure you always carry out check on the brake
Most of the accident that occurred on the way happened because of a failed brake. The car brake system is one thing you should take serious. Because of the role the brake plays ‘whether the caliper, or from the upper clutch system to the down clutch system or the flexible pipes, regular check is necessary’ to avoid accident on the highway.

Only speed when the car must have warmed up and oil circulated
The engine oil need to circulate to different areas of the engine and when the circulation happens, movement of the components of the engine gets better and at this point, speed is not a problem after all the car was made to run. And because the oil need to circulate, it is advisable not to start speeding the vehicle immediately. As you keep going slowly, over a short time the engine would get warm and the oil circulation would be done then you can speed on.

Wash the car on a regular bases
Nothing get rid of mud from your car like when you wash the car. If you wash your car often, you would see the car looking neat and attractive. Apart from that, you are keeping it away from rust.

The Fluids in the car needs to be check always, flush the fluids when necessary
Another proper thing to do to maintain a car is to check the gear and engine oil every morning before starting the car. Of course, with the help of the dip stick you know the level of oil.

Remember the fluids do lose quality and each time you flush the fluids you are protecting parts of your car from wearing out.

The car fluids such as the brake fluid and the power transmission oil and so on will always need top up once it goes down. And if you don’t check the fluids from time to time to know when it goes down, how do you top up the fuel? Do you know that your carburettor or injector is endangered each time the fuel or diesel is going down?

Always change the engine oil and oil filter
There are metals and other components of a car engine like the crankshaft, oil pump, bearings; and the engine oil enhance this components to function well.

You will need to change the engine oil as often as possible. I advice changing it mouthy.

Always change the oil filter each time you’re changing the oil. Do not just pure any kind of oil you see on the street into your car engine. With a good brand, you are good to go. And please, always check the level every day before starting and moving out the car.

Buying oil in a rubber label with a well known brand is not a guarantee. Always endeavour to go for one that is well sealed.

Check the Air-filter
The air filter when dusty will affect the way a car perform. As much as every other thing discuss in this article is important, checking to know if the air filter is dusty and doing the necessary replacement is a good thing to consider also.

Carry out some check on the tyres
First, have good tyres. It is not a good thing to have your car tyre burst when you are on speed on the highway. The four tyres of your care, including the spare need to be check every morning before you move out. Check the bolt in case any is losing… it is important.

Even when you are so sure of them, ensure you are checking them before moving the car to your destination. It is a good thing to do. And if you discover that the tyre is weak, please, to avoid crash, change it.
It is also advisable that you change the positions of the tyres of the vehicle as this to an extent ameliorates wear and tear and extends the life of the tyres.

Consider vehicle alignment
Consider going for alignment if you have not done so for some time now.

Alignment will make the life of your car tyres longer. Aside elongating the life span of the tyre, it will protect your vehicle from shaking, especially, when speeding.

Apart from starting your car every day, try moving the car
It is not proper to park a car at one spot for days. If you park your car for long without moving, there is the possibility of it having problem after a while. Moving the car help to prevent rust.

Give attention to body work
Understand one thing, you may have another car and decide you want to sell the previous car and if it depreciate, the value will drop and to some extend, it may not attract buyers to put in their money.

To avoid that kind of error, see to it that you always carry out check and attend to necessary body work need for the car. Cars with rough body usually starts from a little scratch.


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