Things To Always Check Regularly In Your Car

Cars indeed need lots of care and maintenance for effective return. An early morning car check is so important, no doubt that some mornings come with lots of rush to meet up with one appointment or the other, a quick car check before hitting the road is very important. Who wakes up in the morning without brushing and bathing proceeds for a meeting? This is very rare as one would always want to appear fresh and stunning and smell nice even as they attend to official activities. As it is to humans, so also it is in cars it is important you carry out various checks.

Here are a few things to check out before hitting the road;

1. Fluids Level
It is advised that you check car fluids regularly, this is one fact that one should be very conscious of as a little leak somewhere can in no time reduce its gauge/ level. All fluids should be checked as it is unfit to drive a car with a low level of brake fluid, windshield washer or Engine oil.

2. Lights
Road safety marshals are always in the lookout for drivers with broken light and other light related issues. The brake light is very important as it is the communication line between you and other drivers. You must have proper working light for a night drive. A proper check on the lights of your vehicle is essential. Kindly ensure the lights of your car are in good shape both for safety and to avoid issues with road safety personnel.

3. Windscreen wiper
A windscreen wiper popularly known as the “Wiper” is a device that is responsible for removing rain, snow, ice, from the front of a vehicle (windscreen). Wipers are of 3 types; Conventional, flat and hybrid. Wipers enhance clear visuals for a car. It is important to have a properly working wiper in case of rain or any other environmental issues. Check to see if the wiper clears the water from the windscreen without leaving lines as that can impair your vision.

4. Wheels and tires
Tires issues are one of the most experienced driving issues today due to the state of our roads, it is also one of the most important components for a safe drive and connects you to your location through the road. It is important that you check out the tire pressure, because of tire inflation as tires can be deflated even while not on the road and ensure you pulp if need be, also check the surface for notable damages. Carry out a proper check on your tire pressure and tire treads. Always ensure that you carry along a fully inflated spare, this will do you a lot of good as you drive.

5. Adjust the seat to your comfort
Distractions should be avoided when driving, and one such distraction is trying to adjust the seat to suit your comfort as your drive. All adjustments should be done before the journey commences, this is a conscious way to avoid road accidents.

6. Check out Brake Pads
Often we hear of brake pad failures, I do not doubt that issues relating to cars might at times spring up unexpectedly, but a routine check on your vehicle’s brake pad will do you better and should be replaced as soon as a fault is discerned. Ensure your hand brake is in healthy working conditions.

7. Listen to the sound of your engine
The sound of the engine of one’s car can go a long way in telling what shape the car is. Start the car and concentrate fully on the noise from the engine, an alternating sound might need a mechanic to check it out.

8. Side Mirror
Ensure that your side mirrors are set properly to give an active and perfect view as you drive as the views around you are to be inspected while you drive.

9. Steering
Do a quick steering test to confirm the condition of your steering even though the steering test is best carried out while driving.

10. Check out fuel level
At times people run out of fuel in places where there’s no fuel station, to avoid such, it is advisable for one to check the full level, that way you map out strategies on topping up the fuel level rather than car stopping in the middle of the journey because it’s out of fuel.

11. Have a test drive
Do a test drive to ensure the car is in proper shape and fit for the day. You must pay attention to the sound it gives most especially as you engage the brakes

Have a fire extinguisher in good shape, check out sign directions and ensure you use your seat belt while driving.

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