Things To Consider Before Taking Pre-wedding Photoshoots

Before now, taking photo shoots of the intending couple was a traditional way of life. This were done only when the male and female must have dated for some time and finally agreed to settle as husband and wife. It was mostly on the wedding day that such photo shoots between the couple were done but that do not allow proper photograph. Because of the presence of friends, family and many other things to do, couples could not concentrate to get the best pose for record purpose on the wedding day.

Today, pre-wedding photo is generally adopted and accepted amongst intending couples. Pre-wedding photos are taken some weeks or days before the wedding day.

Do not forget, so many couples do not take nor have any photoshot but their marriage is 30yrs and still counting in happiness; ‘of what use is the hundreds of pre-wedding pictures of marriage that will not last a year?

As you prepare for your wedding proper, it is important that you take out time to think about your pre-wedding photos. Since the wedding period and wedding days come once in a lifetime, you should be able to pass a message. With the current arrangement, couples have the time to plan, dress and even change into dresses of  their choice, with such pose as it suits you; you can equally tell the world what your family lifestyle is going to be through your pre-wedding photos.

To have a proper pre-weddings photos you will need to put certain things into consideration or ease, you end up seeing the amendment after your wedding. Listed below are necessary step to consider before taking pre-wedding photoshoots.

i. Take time to plan the concepts of pre-wedding photo shoots you want:

“If in the next 20 – 25 years, you can boldly and stylishly show your children the erotica pose u struck in the photoshoot (pre-wedding photo), then you are good to go.”

You will agree with me that there are times you come across such photos you dislike in your photo album; and sure, you liked them when you were posing for the shoot. Likewise, if you do not take your time to plan your pre-wedding photoshoot carefully you may end up getting a messed photo shoots.

So, you have programmed many pre-wedding pictures in your mind before now whereas your partner is unaware. And considering the trends on social media you may think involving your partner is not necessary, but it is. It become necessary to include your partner and make sure you allow his or her wishes count. Always remember, it is going to involve both of you in the shoot.

Considering your partner’s wish will help to avoid unnecessary mistakes at the end.

ii. Add wisdom:

Is the whole photo thing decent? Is it mature? Or is it one of which you will be embarrassed to show your friends? Don’t just take photo in the name of a pre-wedding photos. Everything you are going to do all through life, including that of your wedding demand wisdom. It is the most important point to consider in the preparation plan because your pre-wedding photos is going to last a life time and should always tell a story. There are so many pre-wedding photos I have come across that shows an apparent lack of sense of the couples, friends and advisers and just so you know, your pre-wedding photo ‘whether you choose the joint, river side, local area or palace; it all reveal your thought.

Do a little research, that’s wisdom, and because of all the steps you are going to take on everything related to your pre-wedding photo, the need for thorough research is highly needed to arrive at the shoot that will last a life time. Taking counsels before the marriage thing is a step forward into the real life which begins after the wedding ceremony. And though is very good for memories, emphasis should be placed on pre-wedding photos. Taking counsel will help a lot. For instance, time (considering the weather), concept, dressing, photographer and you must rap all of this in line with your budget. As important as that may be, get a good photographer you can afford.

iii. Appear simple:
You don’t need a full bucket of paint in the name of make-up for these exercise. I want to believe that you know yourself very well and will not want to be seen as someonre else. Hence, a complicated look, complicated concepts will spoil your photo shoots. It is therefore important that you way your color choice of hail and hairstyle, makeup, dress code; and make sure it makes sense ‘not only to you but also to your entire world. Find out also if there be need to consider losing weight before taking a pre-wedding photoshoot.

iv. Pick a unique location:

Unlike bad location which will spoil the entire session of the photo shoot, taking the shoot to a unique location will make it accurate and professional.

As a matter of fact, location is a vital parts of a pre-wedding photo shoot. Since this is going to be one of a lifetime photo, it is important to check for a good and unique location. And though that is necessarily important, many people go as far as spending lot of money on locations for a pre-wedding photo shoot, which is not necessary.

v. Pass a message:

Now are days couples seems stylishly creative with sexual pose leaving entire generation with negative thought because of a so called pre-wedding photo. Sexual perverseness is just on the increase all in the name of pre-wedding photoshoot. Can I ask few questions?

What’s your primary aim of the photoshoot? Do you want to announce your upcoming wedding or spouse to the world? Or you got something you want to correct about taking a pre-wedding photo? Or you want to trend on social media by following what trend in the society? Or you think all that is necessary is the posture! That you have to go all way to reduce your woman’s pride by checking out her back side, making her pose sexually seductive ‘with doggy style, looking through her bra and pant to take a damn photo?

The good thing about your pre-wedding photo is that you are the person in it. Whatever message it is going to pass at the end of the day ‘you are the person in the photo. But eeh! you can be motivativational with each photo shoot. You can be real and you can equally pass a message with a single photoshoot.


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