Things You Are Doing Wrong On Your Android

by phonedaddy


We are going to see things you should not do on your Android. Here, I am going to share with you some tips not to do while using Android. So let’s start…

1> Don’t Kill Apps/ tasks

Android is the best platform for multitasking, like Windows it lets you do several tasks at a time. But many people have the habit to clear apps from multitasking interface to free the RAM.

People think it will speed up their mobile but that’s not the case.

Android is capable of managing the apps if there were too many apps opened in the background for a long time, and if there is a shortage of RAM to process the operation, Android automatically closes the apps that are been there for a long time without use.

When you kill the apps manually or use such apps like memory cleaner apps to kill the apps from the background, then when you open any app again it took more time to open and uses more sources of mobile which leads to drain your battery fast and slows down your mobile.

So don’t kill apps manually let your Smartphone handle it even though it feels nice to do it manually.

2> Don’t Install Antivirus Apps

Many people concerned about this while using Android. They think it will protect their device but honestly, I don’t think they are necessary.

Google brings great protection on devices, Google Play services on your device features various scanning and security services that makes sure that the users are safe from any risks.

You don’t need antivirus app just be careful while downloading apps on your Android. Don’t download it from any unknown sources, try to use official developer’s app, not any random similar app.

3> Don’t Give Permissions to Apps Blindly

App permission is one of the best ways for hackers who stole your information.

There are lots of apps the tube download, takes unnecessary permission from you even though it did not needed. So in this case, you have to be smart while giving your device permission to any app.

In some cases, the required permission by app does make sense but some apps ask you about your telephone, contacts, storage etc. even though it is not necessary.

So don’t just blindly allow permissions to any apps you downloaded. Understand what that app does and according to that what permission does it needed.

4> Don’t Clear Cache Daily

There are so many apps available that promise to free storage and they do so by clearing cache, but wait, this is not good for your device if you do it every day.

Cache is the most regularly used data of the app to make sure that the app opens fast when you relaunch it.

When you clear the cache all the saved data is gone and now when you open the app again it opens as a fresh from scratch. I.e. it took more time to load content and so it drains your battery.

However eventually cache data stored is increases in GB so in that case, you can clear the cache once in a week or so. And you don’t need any external app to do that. Clearing cache is pretty simple.

Just go to the setting and then storage, open internal storage and at the end, you will see cached data. Just tap and clear it free storage. That’s it.

5> Don’t Use Battery Saver Apps

Many Android users believe that by installing battery saving app might save their battery but they don’t. Yes, you heard it right. Then what they do?

Well, if you see any battery saving app, what they do is it kills the app that is running in the background, lower the brightness, screen timeout, close Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi etc. Well, these are the things that you can do yourself. Then what is the point of installing such apps.

So yeah battery saving apps do what you can do manually nothing else. And more on this, such apps continue to run in the background drain more battery.

The app to save battery is the one which drains more battery strange isn’t it?

6> Shutdown/Restart Smartphone Twice a Week

This is a small tip but actually, it is very important. Rebooting your Smartphone twice a week makes sure your battery stays healthy.

Also, it resets the cache files that are stored on your phone and also helps with diagnostics; it gives your phone a fresh start by clearing any errors. So do it.

7> Don’t Download Fake Apps

By fake apps I mean, apps that are similar to those original official apps. And there are so many apps on Play Store that are fake.

Example, if you want to download passport app then download only from its official developer but you can also see there are lots of similar results of similar apps that claim to do your work.

Either they gather your information or they use the link to redirect you to the official website. So be careful from such apps, even though some of them are not harmful to you but some of them are very. Because they can collect your data that you entered and misuse it and also they ask you different permissions of your device. So be aware of such apps.

8> Don’t Download Apps from a Shared link on Whatsapp or any Other Media

You have definitely seen lots of messages on Whatsapp with links and message which recommend you to download that app by clicking that link. Such apps might be for to earn money, or to free recharge or any fake app message like download Whatsapp gold, silver like that for extra features.

You should be aware and stay away from such apps and they might harmful for your device as they may contain any virus’s cookies collect your data and jeopardize your safety and privacy.

9> Don’t Root Your Android without Proper Knowledge

Well, there is crazy about rooting the Smartphone because it makes you admin of the device to play with its all functions and make changes or install external ROM etc. But wait; don’t root your device unless you know what are you going to do after rooting and unless you have all knowledge about it.

Improper rooting may crack your device permanently; also many Smartphone companies not allow you to do so you do it when your phone is in warranty then doing so may void your warranty.

So do your homework before doing rooting

10> Don’t Download Fraud Apps

In the last tip I want to tell you that stay away from such apps that promise you to increase your RAM, or fast charge your device or add fingerprint scanner on your device if not present already.

See, these kinds of things are hardware dependent and no software fix that. If your phone does not have fingerprint scanner then you can’t add it by any app. Or if your phone comes with 4 GB of ram then that’s it you cannot increase it to 6 GB.

Don’t just see downloads or ratings of such apps, be a smart user of your Smartphone and don’t let such apps spam you.

So, guys, these are some of the tips that you should take care about while using Android. If you like it then do share this with your friends and family & please leave your valuable thought in comment section below… Thank You So Much

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