Top 10 Items You Should Always Have In Your Car

As a driver, you should be prepared for the several unanticipated events that come with driving a car in Nigeria. From vehicle breakdowns to serious situations like accidents, these are occurrences that take place a lot on Nigerian roads. For safety purposes, the car service specialists at Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep advice that you keep the following items in your car.

1. A camera
A camera can come in very handy in case of an accident. You camera will come in handy as it will help you document any damage. Documenting the damage at the accident scene will prove especially helpful for showing evidence of damage to your insurance company in Nigeria.

2. First-aid kit
Many Nigerians are still yet to understand the many benefits of having a first aid kit around. A first aid kit will come in handy for treating minor cuts, bumps or bites that you might incur while driving.

3. Charged cell phone
The many benefits of a charged cell phone in your car is the reason why many Nigerians carry a car charger in their car. You might need to make a phone call if you are involved in an accident or your vehicle breaks down. You might also need to make a call if you need directions.

4. Earpiece
Did you know that looking away from the road to your cell phone just for a second while driving can be very fatal? This why you should always have an earpiece in your car. This will allow take urgent calls and still keep both hands on the steering wheel.

5. Flares
Road flares are a safety equipment used to alert people to hazards in the road or highway. Some of these hazards might include closed lanes, fallen trees, accidents and other issues. Flares are very helpful for alerting other passing drivers to your presence if you are stopped on the road or to a hazard on the road.

6. Spare tire
Many Nigerians, especially in Lagos, carry spare tires that are bad just to fulfill the requirement of road safety officers. This can backfire when you actually need to change a bad tire. Always have a spare tire available in case a bad tire needs to be replaced.

7. Toolbox
With owning a car in Nigeria and anywhere else in the world often comes the default skill of car repair. You might not be able to fix bigger issues like wheel balancing issues, but you’ll definitely need a toolbox if you have lesser issues. You might need tools for tasks such as changing a bad tire or headlight lamp.

8. Map
This is another one many Nigerian drivers fails at. They’d rather spend hours driving aimlessly and asking for directions. Even if you know exactly where you are going, you might run into a detour and will need to find an alternate route.

9. Driver’s manual
Are you one of the many drivers also guilty of driving without a driver’s manual? A driver’s manual is a vital reference that contains information on everything you need to know about your car; from dashboard warning signals to the quantity of fuel your vehicle requires to function at its optimum.

10. Water and snacks
This might not sound important, but it will be useful if you are traveling with children or pets and you somehow become stranded. You wouldn’t want all that yelling when you’re trying to think of how to get out of a difficult situation.

Finally, you have to be sure to get regular service and maintenance checkups by a trusted mechanic or a certified automotive experts in Nigeria. This will ensure that your vehicle operates at its optimum level and that you don’t have to spend money fixing issues that could have been prevented.

Source: iDonsabi

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