Trending Wedding Of A Queen, Princess

The event took place yesterday, 8th August, in the FCT Capital between

Unfortunately, as it is common this days, taking the wedding to Facebook and Instagram contributes to it’s popularity idea which last a while but the exchanging of rings are here to stay for a lifetime.

Beautiful bride’s entering was becoming yet another aspect of the wedding making the wedding day special.

Gathering together to join Patience and Quami in holy matrimony which is honorable and instituted by God (gathering so that Quami can marry Patience).

Patience and Quami

Now Mr. and Mrs. Quami Urobimino
We truths God that your marriage will be a most memorable one; with deep faith in each other, peace, goodwill and love. Therefore, what God has join together, let no man put asunder. God bless and keep your union.

As it would interest you ‘the intending couple planning to wed and make a good home;
Here are take-home advice given to the wedded couple at the wedding.

Marriage is beautiful and the way to have a beautiful marriage is to put everything you’ve been thought into practice. Remember always that before wedding you have been living a dream, when you are joined you become husband and wife and the practicals begins. You are going to be tested whether to do what you have been thought or what your flesh tells you to do. But understand this one thing that the answer to the joy of marriage is doing what is right; like you have been thought, whether you feel like it or not the doing aspect is important. The good of marriage is available for those willing to get it. Love and submission remain paramount to both husband and wife.

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