True Confessions About PMB

According to tweet from @RitaAdubaBlog, shared on her page. Do you agree with this story about PMB?



From an opponent who is quitting and says he is tired…

He was accused of so many things he didn’t do, yet he ignored us and beat us hands in the elections.

They instructed Boko Haram to choose him as their negotiator for the govt but he said that he doesn’t know them.

They sent them to kill him, he escaped unshaken.

They exhausted all the foreign reserve and federation account to disgrace him at the pole, yet he won the election without spending any money.

The election result was supposed to be scattered by a person we sent yet we were disgraced while the world was watching.

They handed over an empty treasury to him with the hope that he wouldn’t know where and how to start, yet he took him time to put things back to order.

They instructed our members to snatch the mast from his party, they did but he ignored them and now they are frustrated and disorganized.

They poisoned him and sent him to the hospital his body would be returned for burial but he came back to life and even stronger.

They arranged with petroleum importers and marketers to frustrate, cut supply and Demands for subsidy payments but he removed the subsidy, stabilized supply, reorganized the NNPC and now you don’t hear about us anymore.

They asked the western leaders to sideline him, he was invited one after the other to their countries and now they are queuing to visit him at home and have an audience with him.

They begged some retired Generals to gang up against him but they are now fighting for their own survival.

They sent Boko boys to frustrate him by abducting girls but they lost all the territory they occupied b4, released their victims and are now begging for negotiation

They sent Atiku, Saraki, Tambuwal, kwankwaso etc and some religious leaders after him and now they are so irrelevant and lost out completely.

They instigated kidnappers, farmers, and herders conflict, religious and tribal conflicts with the aim of marring him but he silenced them all.

They have wasted our time planning how to remove him from power using blackmail campaign, vote-buying and media blackmailing but he seems to be waxing stronger on a daily basis. And everywhere you go, you hear the shouts “sai baba”, “sai Buhari.”

Buhari has no Godfather, no political thug, no mallam, no affa, pastor etc. No foreign account, no house abroad, no girlfriend or concubine or mistresses. He is assisted and protected by the Almighty. No man can compare with PMB.

The only candidate that could come near him is already dead!. He is the late Sir. Ahmadu Bello and there is no one in Nigeria like him.

All meaningful and honest Nigerians must give their excellent support to make the best use of this rare opportunity to shame these enemies of our dear Nation.
Let’s support Buhari for a better Nigeria!!!

Culled from – @RitaAdubaBlog

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