Twitter Revealed Plan To Introduce New Feature To Help Users Decide Who Replies Their Tweet

Twitter has announced a new feature. This feature will help to minimise replies and also allow users to decide the people that replies them when they make tweets.

According to Twitter, this new feature, currently undergoing global test with selected users in different  country, will be launched for all Twitter users very soon.

The fear is that people may not be able to counter certain tweets as this feature may stop some kind of potential harassers from people replying the tweet.

With this new feature, every Twitter user will have options each time they compose a tweet. Everyone can see, like or retweet the tweets you make on tweeter but people who can reply to your tweet are people that falls within your selected option.

“You choose the people you want to talk to, who can reply; either everyone, people you follow or the  people you mention.”

The truth is that lot of changes will occur in the way people make use of this social media once this new feature is fully launched. Business owners will conveniently interact with the people they choose, meaning that unwanted distractions that may occur as a result of other tweeter users commenting unnecessarily will be controlled.

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