Ugly Experience With Australian Embassy – Student

Long epistle alert!

It all started around January last year when I made up my mind to enroll for PhD program in Australia. Those who have passed through this stage will perfectly understand how tedious the process is- starting from putting in place a novel research proposal, getting a professor to supervise your project and finally, securing funding for your program. To be honest, one needs to be highly motivated and dedicated to survive these hurdles.

I must confess, my dedication and perseverance really paid off after series of rejections as I was able to get the consent of three supervisors from different universities who were willing to support my applications. Between July and December 2017, I had completed the application process for admission and funding. To God be the glory, the results started coming out in April 2018. Two of the Universities offered me admission with full funding (stipend + tuition+ family insurance cover) while the third University offered only admission without funding.

Sorry, i forgot to mention that one of the Universities is in G8 (equivalent of ivy league) What a great news! Without waisting time, I quickly accepted the offer from this Universty for obvious reasons. Apart from the fact that the University is consistently ranked among the top 50 in the world, my department is also ranked among the top 10 in the world. In view of this, I had to reject other offers.

As soon as my COE was issued, I quickly submitted my Visa application on June 26, 2018. To avoid unnecessary issue, every document was submitted with my application. To my surprise, I got no response from DIBP on my application after three months. Then, I decided to send a polite email to DIBP on 6th October 2018 on progress of my application as my enrollment deadline was 14th October 2018. Alas, I got a refusal notice on 9th October 2018.

In the refusal notice, the visa officer submitted that she was not convinced that I met the genuine entry requirement as I do not have strong ties to return to my country despite the fact that I didn’t not apply together with my family. She further posited that she was not convinced that PhD is beneficial to my career goal as a tutor. What an insult again!

The refusal notice was quickly sent to the graduate school and my supervisor. This unfair decision did not meet my supervisor well as she quickly sought the intervention of the University. In her email to the graduate school, she clearly mentioned that this is the most disgusting reason for visa refusal she has ever heard. While she has hoped for the intervention of the University, I understand that the University might not be able to reverse the decision of DIBP as there is no option for appeal.

Given this dilemma, it will be appreciated if any useful advice could be given.

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