US Vows To Put Eye In $32.8m COVID-19 Spending In Nigeria

The United States has on Wednesday said it has spent $32.8m to support Nigeria’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Mary Beth Leonard, the US Ambassador to Nigeria, said the country has put in place mechanisms to monitor and make sure the financial aid provided to help fight COVID-19 in Nigeria is spend judiciously.

She said that the US government has put in place strict mechanism to monitor and block any form of diversion of the funds.

She also recounted that since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, the US has committed $237m to support Africa’s Covid-19 response, added that the US global interventions amounts to $2.4bn.

US expressing satisfaction with the manner the Federal Government responded to COVID-19 pandemic in the country, she said that more of financial and technical support to fight against the pandemic would be provided to the Federal Government.

She revealed that apart from donating ventilators by the US government to Nigeria, the US has a very robust presence of US Centre for Disease Control (CDS) and US Aids (USAID), working closely with the Nigerian to respond to Covid-19 in the country.

She als speak concerning the US plans to support Nigeria with Remdesivir, Covid-19 drug, saying that the medication is still undergoing a lot of experimentation and clinical study and would not hesitate to support the country with the medication once approval process is completed.

She said; “We are very pleased to be making these commitments to Nigeria. We are very eager to collaborate on measures for curing, mitigating and preventing the spread of the virus.”

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