USED 🚗 vs. LOVED❤, 🍀 Read With Patience 🍀

🌹While a man was polishing his new car, his 6 yr old son picked up a stone and scratched lines on the side of the car.
🌹In anger, the man took the child’s hand and hit it many times;❤

🌹not realising he was using a wrench.❤

🌹At the hospital, the child lost all his fingers due to multiple fractures.❤

🌹When the child saw his father…❤

🌹with painful eyes he asked, ‘Dad when will my fingers grow back?’❤

🌹The man was so hurt and speechless;❤

🌹he went back to his car and kicked it a lot of times.❤

🌹Devastated by his own actions…..❤

🌹sitting in front of that car he looked at the scratches;❤

🌹The child had written ‘LOVE YOU DAD’.❤❤

🌹The next day that man committed suicide. . .❤

🌹Anger and Love have no limits;❤

🌹Choose the latter to have a beautiful, lovely life….❤❤.

🌹Things are to be used and people are to be loved.❤
🌹But the problem in today’s world is that,❤

🌹People are used and things are loved.❤

🌹Let’s always be careful to keep this thought in mind:❤

🌹Things are to be used,but People are to be loved.❤

🌹Watch your thoughts; they become words.❤

🌹Watch your words; they become actions.❤

🌹Watch your actions; they become habits.❤

🌹Watch your habits they become character;❤

🌹Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.❤

🌹I’m glad a friend forwarded this to me as a reminder.❤

🌹God bless you.❤

🌹If you don’t pass this on nothing bad will happen;
🌹If you do, you might change someones’ life.❤

🌹Do u know the relationship between your two eyes?❤

🌹They blink together, move together, cry together, see things together & sleep together.❤

🌹Even though they never see each other.❤

🌹Friendship should be just like that!

🌹Life is vanity without FRIENDS.

🌹Who is your best friend? Send this to all your good friends. Even me, if I am one of them. See how many u get back. If u get more than 7, then u are really a lovable person!🌺🐾

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