Vice President Osibanjo Joined National Solidarity Support Fund (NSSF) Event, From His Office

The Vice President as at yesterday participated in the virtual launch of the National Solidarity Support Fund (NSSF).

The Vice President who joined the event from his office, said that the establishment of the Nigeria Solidarity Support Fund would support the creation of a stronger, more resilient, more inclusive political economy and healthcare system in the country.

According to him, although the Coronavirus pandemic has affected the lives and livelihoods of Nigerians in different ways, it also offers an opportunity for Nigerians, the government to have a reset in critical sectors of the economy and social services.

As posted by @PresidencyNigeria, “The NSSF is designed to provide additional support for Nigeria’s response to #COVID19. The Fund will enable Nigerian Citizens resident at home or in the diaspora as well as international donors to come together and directly contribute to Nigeria’s fight against the pandemic.”

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