Victory of the Finished Work – I. A. Dickson

“But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ” (1 Cor 15:57) NKJV.

 “Mr. Dogo’s PC was not displaying. As usual in a normal day I was called to provide solution. When I succeeded I was very happy in my inside but Dogo became very happy seeing his system work again. I said that because he told me so and I could feel the joy in his expression. There are also many clients who gets happy because they get their required service while many others felt disappointed because it didn’t work out as expected.”

If you look at it well you will discover that you have a budget and a project; and as you start the project I pray for you that God will help you and you will complete it. But before the completion, there is always going to be times you will have to strive harder – and in the cost of striving to make it out, so many things may come in-between. You may at most time want to give up and say ‘I will not,’ but giving up the pursue will make no sense at all. You will agree with me that a football club will have to work harder to be able to score a goal against its opponent in the competition field ‘which is not necessarily the effort at the training ground but mostly the skill they are able to apply at the competition field. And as you look at it well, everybody wants to win. Winning at all point demand that you give most of your time preparing and doing what matters most in the training ground and you must see an extra grace to back up your hard work. There are some who trained hard and hard but don’t win ‘not because they do not want to win. And you know, in the field of competition, what matters most is that you are winning the game. God has a reason for everything that He allows in our lives. So many thoughts and plans that pop up from our head is what we cannot help ourselves through. No matter how skillful you are, if you do not stick to want you want and pursue it to the call challenges will make you sad, it will make you give up. You become stronger when you know what it meant to be happy and stay happy.

There could come a time you decide to be angry at the memories of some past issues. Or maybe you suddenly became angry because you just cannot be happy and looking at the fact that you are hurt – everything, including your personal self cannot control. Remembering a moment; maybe you thought you were right about one thing but actually wrong about everything – do not let your hurt way you down. If you look at the project and purpose that you have to accomplish, you will agree with me that you need to give full attention because you know that if you win, the joy of winning the game or completing that project – that you are now a graduate, a doctor, a pilot, a governor, world champion etc, is what you cannot do without unless you are not a winner”. Have you ever seen the celebration amongst a football club that make it to the final and eventually win the trophy?

Looking at the big picture, what you conclude is what the whole thing is. If you say you will make it you will make it because you are going to browse through various success café to see yourself there. It all begins from your place of diligence. Many people make the mistake of looking at the now; that to me is like a laborer who have no interest in what tomorrow will bring. There are many areas you do not need anybody to convince you about the fact that we all determine the quality of our life and perhaps you think you were born to fail ‘that is not true. Any day you wake up is a good day to prepare the future and no matter how long it took, you will need to work into what you want to become tomorrow but please, as I tell you a story, “”do not involve in any act to make it quick, do not follow life’s pleasure and blow off your tomorrow today.”” That is total failure.

“There used to be times we traveled and follow grandma to farm. She was the best grand-ma anyone would love to have. You can eat grandma’s food as you want but you there not toy with grand-ma’s seed-yam and as children, we always wanted to pluck off the seed plant embryo to see how it will germinate again but grandma will always tell us not to play with seed-yam. According to her, ‘that is where we will eat from in a year time. The one we ate today is a product of last year’s, she said.”

As I conclude I encourage you; be focus, put a little more effort, make a little more savings, add value to your tomorrow today, be diligent, develop yourself a little more and be determined. Remember, as human we all have the tendency to be great and all that we ever wanted to become is in God… and in God. Remember also that if a nation must survive and succeed, such a nation must first identify with God. So, stay in God until your little effort wins the grown.

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