Ways Breastfeeding Mother’s Stop Their Babies From Breastfeeding


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Hope you find this article educative on the long run.

Before now, mothers do breast feed their babies for 3 years and beyond. If you can give your baby a little more time, please do. If not, if you think it’s time to stop breastfeeding him or her, then do it gradually.

But it is important to keep performing your gender duties and responsibilities as mothers. Ensure you feed your baby with enough breast milk before making the move to stop as breaks milk add a lot to their growth and wellbeing.

Stopping breastfeeding babies become necessary especially for some mother who can not stand it a year and half. However, this is a gradual process. Some babies love to suck than eat their cereal, they can literally cry hard when given other meal. They hate when given pap or baby food.

Before you move the motive to stop your baby from breastfeeding, be sure you (the mother) will be good at it. Should your baby stop hope your breast will not disturb you? Try some suggestions given here. You will surely get one that work best for you.

* Most common method mothers use is rubbing bitter leaf on their tit. Some rub the boobs with allo vera and find yummy foods like agidi, agidi jollof or granola for the baby to get use to. I remember some neighbors who used to apply bitter leaf and saint Leave on their breast for their babies to stop breast feeding. Their babies do taste, stay away for a while and then returned, lick everything and continue to suck. Some who’s baby lick off the bitter leaf and enjoy the breast milk, places the baby on normal food and endure the baby’s cry for breast milk. They also do interswitching with breast milk till the baby is no longer crying much for breast

* Some gradually allow the babe missed a feed, and then two. Some times they let them missed once a day till they achieve their aim.

* Some mothers do not rub anything. They gradually made the baby sleep on their own and stop nursing their babies before bedtime. By giving them variety of food, reducing the number of times they breastfeed they cut their babies interest in the breast milk.
* Other rub the boobs with aloe vera and find yummy foods like agidi, agidi jollof or granola for the baby to get use to.
* Funny enough, some others took the baby to their mother. Pick them up after a day or two.

If your child is up to a year and half and you want to stop him or her, just stop giving. If he or she cries for it, keep saying know. If you stay at it they will stop demanding. But not breastfeeding the baby for at least 1 year is bad.

You can decide to go on any of the methods listed here but see to it that you always put your baby in your shoe. If you cannot likely swallow a drop of aloe vera. Why apply it for your baby.

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