Ways To Style Short Hair


When it comes to our beautiful curls, everyone likes to style it up. That being said, while there is a ton of hairspiration present for women with long curls, you can hardly find any hairstyles available for short hair. If you find yourself nodding at this statement then this article is just for you. So sit back and relax as we take you through the top 3 hairstyles that women with short hair can definitely try out.

1. Wrap It Up

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Headwraps (especially silk ones) do not discriminate between our short hair and long hair sistahs! If you want to style your short curls but aren’t sure how, simply wrap them up in a silk head wrap. You can play around with the headwrap patterns and even switch up the headwrap styles that you use.

2. The Mini Bun

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Who says you need long tresses to rock a high bun? Instead of struggling to wrap your short curls into an elaborate bun, take a small section of hair on the crown of your head and make a small bun of it while letting the rest of your hair fall in waves. While this hairstyle can work with unwashed hair, it almost always looks better when your hair is clean and looking fresh. While any product could work, if you really want a recommendation from us, we have to suggest using African Pride Moisture Miracle Honey & Coconut Oil Shampoo. This wonderful blend of honey and coconut oil work towards gently cleansing your curls while also adding a ton of moisture to it. Trust us ladies – this shampoo was love at first wash.

3. Rock The T.W.A.

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What can we say ladies? Sometimes you just need to rock the teeny weeny afro. A hairstyle in itself, the teeny weeny afro is one that will always have people do a double-take on the street. Short curls mean curls that can get damaged easily. In order to add an extra layer of protection between your curls and the direct effect of the sun, we recommend using African Pride Black Castor Miracle Anti-Humidity Heat Protectant Spray. Created with Black Castor Oil and a Keratin Complex, this lightweight spray protects your curls from the damage inflicted by the sun and blocks the humidity thereby preventing frizz. We always apply it before going out.

Everyone wants to look their best and with these hairstyles, you’ll definitely be the centre of attention wherever you go.


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