The Nigerian Centre For Disease Control (NCDC), has continue to give guidelines on how to stay safe from coronavirus infection.

The NCDC has earlier brought to the general knowledge that it does not own quarantine or treatment centres. Hence, it is the responsibility of the State Government or relavent teaching hospital. NCDC provides guidance on set-up of standard isolation centres, national case management guidelines and training to health workers.

To this end, efforts by the NCDC since the outbreak of Covid-19 has continued to educate the general public on ways to prevent coronavirus.

In a recent guideline posted on Twitter, the group says to wear only face mask dose not  protect from coronavirus.

“Face masks alone cannot protect you and your loved ones from #COVID19.”

NCDC advise that face mask should be worn in combination with Physical distancing, Hand hygiene, Respiratory etiquette and Cleaning of surfaces.

See below;


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