WEDDING: None Of The Above Is Necessary For A Christian Wedding – Reno Omokri

The power a priest or pastor has to say ‘I now pronounce you man and wife’, comes from man, not God. There is no Scriptural authority for that. God Himself pronounces you married once your parents consent to your union! This is how God defines marriage-“a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one”-Genesis 2:24. I have read Scripture from cover to cover in multiple languages. Scripture has no instance of a wedding being done in a church, temple, or synagogue. Isaac married at home (Gen 24:67). Christ attended a wedding at a HOME (John 2:2-10). Isaiah was a prophet. When he wanted to marry a fellow prophetess, all he did was invite 2 witnesses. And immediately the woman moved into his home (Isaiah 8:2-3). No ceremony at all. Are you holier than Isaiah? Hosea’s marriage was captured in only 1 verse-Hosea 1:3. God made marriage EASY. It is humans who made it complicated. Church has no business with wedding

The ONLY people involved are

* A man
* A woman
* Parents

No pastor or church is involved! It is a family affair

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Wedding dress
* Cake
* Wedding ring
* Bridesmaids
* Groomsmen
* Bouquet
* Confetti

None of the above is necessary for a Christian wedding. They are all European culture. Africans were brainwashed to see White Wedding as Christian wedding. It is NOT! Read Scripture. A Scriptural wedding goes like this:

1. You find a girl
2. You ask her to marry you
3. She says yes
4. You inform your parents
5. You leave your parents house
6. You have a feast you can afford

No pastor or priest is involved. It is purely a family affair done at HOME, not CHURCH. Even the wedding Christ attended was at a HOME and He was invited as a GUEST! God made it simple. Man complicated it!

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