What Buhari Said About Boko Haram Yesterday That Got People Talking

In 2015 When Mr Buhari was contesting for President said ‘Boko Haram will be a Thing of the Past if You ELECT Me’.

In 2018 Buhari is now saying ‘Boko Haram will be a Thing of the Past if You RE-ELECT Me’.

Buhari fooled you in 2015, shame on him. But if he fools you in 2019, the shame will be on YOU! Reno tweeted .

The statement came on a day Boko Haram took the second largest city in Borno state and hoisted it’s flag after sacking the MNJTF in Baga.

Buhari has kept the underperforming service chiefs in office beyond their retirement ages a situation that has greatly reduced the morale of troops and offcers according to media reports .

Here is what Nigerians are saying about Buharis statement in Uyo Yesterday

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