What Happened When I Went To My Ex – Man Shares Experience(s) Of God’s Miracles Acts

Mine was on August 1, 2015. I was traveling from Ilorin to Oyo town to see the parents of my ex then. I was driving and I had a friend also seated beside me on the front seat beside the driver. I wanted to stylishly convey my serious intention to her parents, so I bought different kinds of fruits and wrapped them like engagement items and kept them inside the boot.

Mind you I was supposed to attend a vigil on the eve of that day (Friday, 31st July), but I chose not too, because I would be traveling the following morning.

So, on getting to Alata area, before Deeper Life Camp (on the Ilorin-Ogbomosho expressway), I was not really overspeeding, but my car suddenly started swerving. By that time, I had lost control of the wheels, so, the car was just swerving on the road while on speed. My friend kept calling me and asking me about what was going on, and suddenly, the car hit one of these road dividers made of concrete and then summersaulted thrice and then faced the direction I was coming from (Ilorin). Now, the last thing I still remember was that when the car hit the road divider. I was GONE! It was as if there was a total blackout.

This was around 12pm. I remember seeing myself in a place where I met an old man. The old man asked me what I was doing there, I didn’t utter a word. So, he told me to go back to where I was coming from, that I had not even done the work he gave me. At that time, I started hearing faintly the cry of people, and then after about 3 to 4 hours, I opened my eyes and I saw about four Doctors and Nurses doing suitures on my head and ear. I had memory loss and was just looking at everyone in the Theater. After some time, I asked where I was and I was told Lautech Teaching Hospital in Ogbomoso. I then began to ask them what had happened. They tried to ask me information about my family but I remembered none until after about an hour again.

I then saw my friend who by God’s grace didn’t sustain any serious injury. He then narrated the story: After my car (Honda bulldog) summersaulted thrice and stopped, the car bonnet flew to the other devide of the expressway. The car became a write off and to bring me out was a task. While my friend was brought out through the side window, the people who rushed to the scene had to use Cutlass and some metals to further break the car into pieces and then brought out my dead body. People were already wailing when a Pastor driving in his church bus offered to carry my body and my friend to the Teaching Hospital. As the man was driving, he was crying and praying that God should prove himself. That was on Saturday.

On Monday, my elder sister was returning from Lagos and when she got to the spot where the accident occurred, the driver of the commercial bus she boarded was showing the passengers that that was where a serious accident occurred on Saturday and a young guy died. Then, my sister told the guy that the guy came back to life, but the guy disbelieved. When it became an argument, my elder sister called me and I spoke to her while in the commercial bus. Could you believe that nothing happened to the fruits in the booth, including the wine I bought? Funningly too, myself and the girl didn’t eventually marry.

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