What No One Tells You About The Street Aphrodisiac (concoction)

Do you know it can lead to Priapism?
This is m sustained painful erection that is not sexual in nature usually lasting 4hrs or more.
Men will come to hospital with PAINFUL erection for hours to days.
This is dangerous! If this persist for too long, blood becomes trapped inside & the tissue of the penis can become irreversibly damaged. The treatment of the condition is not a joke please Achieving an erection can become impossible afterwards without penile prosthesis.
Some men experience this in their 20s.
If you are having problems with performance, go and see your Urologist/Doctors instead of drinking those concoctions.
There are other medical conditions that can cause priapism
The last case I saw was a man peddling the ‘concoction’ l, he used it and came with priapism, he even added some pharmaceutical components to his own.
Culled from… https://twitter.com/NaijaObgyn/status/1276061913848446977
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