What To Consider Before Moving To Other Country For Greener Pasture/ Studies

Do you have the plan to move to a different country? Here are helpful tips to guide your travel plan to other country abroad.

1. Consider the weather change

The atmospheric weather of a country like UK is far different from that of Nigeria. In some other countries, the weather temperature is cold while other countries have a hot weather. Depending on the time of the year, the weather is most countries is very cold and hits from 0 degrees. The effect of the weather level in such countries is cold and you will need thermal clothes. Unlike Nigeria where you put on your lite T-shit and up on the street enjoying the weather, in countries like USA, Canada, Russia, Greenland,  Finland and Iceland etc, it is not so. You will need a lot of thick clothes.

In Nigeria, you can build a house without AC or fan and you are just fine. Some other countries have very hot weather and you will need to adapt to what’s necessary the moment you arrive that destination. It in turn means that weather you are planing to move to a country with cold or hot weather, you have to budget to TACKLE the weather condition of the destination you are traveling to.

2. Make research about the country

If you are going alone or with your family and you are going to need to attend school or send your children to school you are going to make findings about the whole school stuff in your research. Making proper research before such trip is important and is a good stage to get to know about the cost of getting accommodation, school fee, light/ water bill.

Whether you are traveling for treatment, making a proper research about the destination cannot be over emphasized. Trust google ‘for any information you need about the school there, the course to study, hospital bill. As part of research, you can also put a call to the organization you have in mind for further more clearer details.

3. Consider transportation

Transportation is different depending on the country. You may complain that the cost of transporting from your house to work or school is high in your country meanwhile it is double in other countries. Some countries have buses and trains as part of effort to ease movement from one place to another. In most cases and as the location may be, there are no ‘what we in Nigeria call “along.” Just like in the Maitama axis where you take a cap. If your route in the country you are going is just like that of Maitama, you are going to need to spend more on transportation.

4. Make a good budget for your travel

The amount of money you have set aside for things like tuition, accommodation, transportation and more.

One big mistake is moving abroad without a budget. The reasons you have to budget are many. From the money you have set aside, you are going to know if what you have is enough to settle the bills there. Most importantly, budgeting helps you stay within those essential and necessary list and the cost.

5. Job type

There are countries where menial jobs like cleaner, sales persons that pays well and you can get such kind of job easily. In as much as that is going to put food on your table and pay your bill, you may need to get busy with it till you get your dream job, otherwise, travel with enough money.

6. Consider the cost of living there, food/ accommodation

There are far different between father-land and foreign-land. Back home, you can likely get some maize from the backyard farm. In the foreign land you buy everything. The cost of living in the country you plan on move to is one thing you need to know before embarking on that. Knowing the cost of food, clothes or the cost of having your hair cut, taking a CAP is what I advice you get to know too.

Believe me, the cost food stuff in Nigeria is cheaper compare to some other countries around the world. You could consider going with some from Nigeria and especially been the Africa food that will sustain a while before you go buying. Remember, you can buy basically any African food from garri to egusi in stores in most of the countries of the world.

Getting a good accommodation in a country that is not your own country is another thing that is going to cost you even more money than you expect especially, if you go through the wrong person. You could get a bad one though you spend more than you can spend to get a best one. As stated earlier, accommodation is one thing you need to research about before making the journey and all of this this are available with google. It will save you a lot.

If you are going to study you can always check the section for accommodation on the school or hospital website.

7. Different rules

You will always operate on one leaves of freedom just because you are in your country and over the years you’ve grown and adapt to the way of live there but when you travel out to another country you are going to find out a different rule.

Apart from few countries in Africa where foreigners are not properly check, other countries of the world have lead down rules especially for foreigners and are being monitored all through their stay. You don’t break those rules and go free, take note.


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