What’s The Cure For Painful And Bloody Defecation? See The Answer Provided

Could it be that medications failed that warrants this question on a platform; maybe it will help some day.

Below is the question

“Please medical professionals in the house and members of nairaland … What’s the remedy for a very painful and bloody defecation or excretion
PS, This has been the case for over 3months and she has taken drugs for constipation but there has been no change
What do you recommend??”

Mods……abeg do the needful… It’s urgent

See the answers below:

1. Jeez that one is Jedi Jedi ooooo, when she will be eating too much sweet things won’t close mouth, it is not constipation oo, agbo Jedi will do the needful, herbal is the surest, she will get better in 2-3 days

2. Piles.

Drink plenty of water to soften the stool. Eat enough fruits and vegetables as they contain fibre and aid easy bowel movement.

Keep away from sugary substances

3. Hemorrhoids otherwise known as pile. Take lots of fluids (water) and fibrous foods e.g. plenty oranges with the roughage. Really helps.

4. I also experienced same thing sometimes last year, but it stopped with time, mine self I always get scared when ever I want to � because the pains was something else.
“Minimize any food made of floor take Olive oil last thing at night and first thing morning thank me later.”


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