When Is The Right Time To Know Who To Marry?

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Innocent worked with the presidency. And had been in a relationship with Comfort for years – Characters name changed for reasons. Within those years, Innocent has done a lot to build the relationship because he wanted Comfort for a wife. When it was time to marry, Comfort’s family who were fully aware of their dates for years turned him down. His greatest surprised was when Comfort’s sinior brother who is a pastor called and warned him to leave the sister alone. All because a new guy, very well to do has presented himself with a show of cash to Comfort’s family. So Comfort comfortably got married to a richer guy. Left with no choice, Innocent get himself a new relationship, got married and he’s taking very good care of his wife. It was one year, Comfort’s husband had issues and his financial status drop completely. Comfort, seeing how Innocent is taking care of his wife is regretting everything now. 

I want to talk to the single girl out there who come across this article. As a young girl who just clock 18, or maybe 22, 25 or 28 and single ‘how do you know who to marry? And when?

My intention is not to post this article for reading sake. I hope you get the message. In this article, I will tell you things writers will hardly find time to express to you, beer with me.

As you advance, many men are going to approach you. They all have motives.

There had been suggestions on the best age to get married, even though age dose not matter, knowing the right person to marry is important. I want to remind you that not every married person married who they wanted to marry, somehow they end up marrying the last person on their list and still have a happy family thereafter. I said that to get to the point that though you have someone you are dating does not mean you and the person will surely get married last last.
The society expects that at some age you should get married and far beyond that means there is a problem. In some society, men get married very early even when they had nothing. In some other society, the man want to work and gather something to take care of their family before venturing into marriage. That is when they feel comfortable to marry.

Now, as a young girl, you may have this categories of people around you, someone of your age range or more senior person. If you choose to go with one because he is younger or the other because he is richer, you might just end up choosing a wrong partner. So how do you choose right?

A woman never love a man. What they had and think is love is basically ‘Like.’ There is always something a woman sees in a man that makes her feel she love the man but she never really love but like. What she sees and like in the man may be the car that he has, his house, money or fame, family background, his lifestyle, his status or his intellectual/ moderation, communication skills, neatness or the way he spend on her. There is always what she sees in the man that make her like him. Many ladies have fallen victim to these sense because sometimes they get into marrying the man only to discover after marriage that what they see and like about the man isn’t really what they saw and wanted.

The right time to know who to marry is when you realize that you will get married some day and can sense the man you are comfortable with, who has good quality and really need you for marriage among those who confidently ask you to be their girl. The question as to what age is best to get marry? A female at age 22 can get married. That does not mean that 22 is the best age to get married. In fact, there is no best age to get married than when you feel you are comfortable and ready. On like the male who can marry at 25. If you happen to get married at late 20s, that means you have had time to complete a lot like your education, career and maybe tired with the single lifestyle. The believe that people make more sense when they are in their late 20s is true, but the society understands you are mature at 18. I have had talks with 3 mothers who said they got married at 18. The amazing thing about them is that they all stick to their marriage and have wonderful children who now have their own families.

As a young girl, the number one fear is always if the person is the right person. In as much as you don’t want to fall into the wrong hand, the young man who is coming for your hand in marriage has many fears also. He worries a lot if you are going to make a good wife.

It is joyful to find out you married the right person. So many things are going to play out if he is serious and want to marry you. To get the right one for marriage is lot of work. Since marriage is for a lifetime, you have to take your time, as the relationship gets excited, take your taught to what could happen if the dark days show up and such excited relationship turn sad. It is better to have that disagreement experience with your partner, and learn strategies to manage, handle and overcome those conflicts or issues in readiness to have a healthy marriage down the road.

You already have a taste of the kind of man you want and the features you want to see in him. So you make that list boldly written. Sometimes it is okay to edit the list, especially when you realize to remove some of the features you can do without and others that you must add to the list. Believe me, you mustn’t see all features in a man you want to marry and if you insist, the process might not work out. I will tell you why! Check out instead, mostly for those features that top your list and a must.

“When a girl says I’ve heard all that, that is how you men are; to some point it means she once or maybe twice had a failed friends who disappointed her. That is not a lie. Young men tends to just want to have a taste of the new beautiful girl they see out there. With every sweet words they get that done in few days, weeks or months and drop out after. That one experience can be a trait to the very next and best person that come to you as a young girl. Sometimes you keep seeing the next young man to be same with your initial hurts and could denied him the chances to prove he is different. That’s not saying the next person is perfect but please, go for want you want. That dose not mean you should overlook every bad behavior. If a man slaps you when both of you are just friends or in a relationship, he can do much more trait when you are married. Always observe those features you wrote down. Do not forget it because of the little cash you see him with.”

It is every girls desire to get married to a dangote. After all, it is said that when you believe you will see it happen. The dream to marry a man who have a big house, money and cars. However, embrace it if you fall that lucky but get it right.

These could be part of the traits you want to see in your future husband
– Hard-working
– Smart
– Nice
– Loving
– Talented
– Dedicated
– Neat
– Fun
– Appreciative
– Established
– Trusted

If that be the truth, you must know to be same as you wish him to be. If you have a good man in your life who love and cares for you, do not cheat on him. Playing along with others guys out there who are just after getting you strip down will surely take your sense of building a better relationship with one who truly loves you and finally lose it.

Let me ask you this questions about the man you are dating. Some signs that he is serious and could be the right person will be notice in the list below.

* Is he someone you love to spend the rest of your life with?
* Does he have most of the must-have features you have in your list?
* How often does he stick by you ‘especially during down times?
* What’s his communication like?
* Is there a teamwork between both of you?
* Is he ready to marry and have children with you?
* Can he provide for himself, you and others?
* Does he adores you?
* What’s his support like?
* Is he manly enough, responsible or wayward?
* Is he really talking of marriage or always to get you down?
* When was the last time he discussed about you?
* Do you feel save around him?
* Can you boasts he will be there during low moments?

How about you?
* Are you ready to be married?
* Can you make a happy home?
* Are you honest?
* What value can you add to the marriage?

So the young man is giving you all the necessary support; within him, buying the shoes, taking you to the bugtique, changing your hairstyle, giving you money for your upkeep and many more is a normal thing to do for the girl of his dream but within you, he is not the one. You are rather in pretense for years to breakup for the other guy who in any way do not care about how you are fairing but because he said he loves you and he has a car. Why?

Your first date can be your best partner
The mindset to walk out of a relationship because you believe you can still have another relationship after all is wrong. When you meet with different people you are going to have different experiences. The essence of dating is for marriage. In dating you get to know if he is the right person. I understand that in life you can fail 9 times and win the 10th time but if the opportunity to win comes at first try, you win. If you’ve got a young man who is ready to settle down and have a family with you, and you like him and can see some of those features in your list in him – think well. Don’t wait to have the next 5 dates, party and flex a lot.

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