Whitening Cream’s Before And After Photos Sparks Controversy

The issue of skin bleaching is one that is big business in many parts of the world and in South-East Asia for instance, there are millions of people obsessed with having a fairer complexion.

A skin whitening cream Milk Lotion Whitening Skin has gone viral after images of its before and after were shared by some online promoters.

The advert achieved the direct opposite of what it was meant to do as the photos suggested that the cream worked a bit too well.

On June 16, before-and-after photos of the skin bleaching power of Milk Lotion Whitening Skin shocked online users. Many claimed that the after photos looked like the skin of a dead person, a White Walker, or even that of Powder protagonist Jeremy “Powder” Reed.

The photos scared many who believe that the whitening cream “worked too well.”

“This kind of dead white is more suitable for zombie movie special effects,” one person wrote on Facebook.

“That arm looks like a dead person’s,” someone else commented.

We reported that in January 2019, Rwanda banned skin bleaching products. The Rwandan government made the move to fight against skin bleaching by its citizens.

The country’s president, Paul Kagame sparked discussions on the need to ban the sale of skin “whiteners” on social media in November 2018.

This came in response to a post from a woman calling for the government to crack down on skin bleaching. Kagame had said on Twitter that bleaching creams are unhealthy, and he called on the country’s Ministry of Health and police to rein “this in very quickly.”


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