Why Helping Others Is Necessary And Important

Two things happen around erosion. It is either the erosion is stagnant or moving. A stagnant erosion stinks. You wonder why? You will know why as you read on… The erosion stinks because it keep gathering water and refuse it to flow out to other region, on like when it receive fresh water and passes it across other channel.

Helping others is an action for happiness. At one point in your life, someone have volunteered his or her time or money to help you. It could be a lending of hand.

I have find out I always have a better feeling any moment I volunteer or offer help ‘either financial or material type’ to someone. It is a good business to help. Just like in business, you are helping people as you sell a product or render services to them – you make money.

When you help

You are more fulfilled, socially active and have strong connection and relationships with people. You are building a community where others who see you help others do same.

At the end, you’ll gain more confidence, you are with higher self-esteem and you are bettering your life.

There are some point rough times happen in a man’s life. That rough time could be in form of sickness, cashless or maybe lack of food and giving support to such friends could really lift and enrich them. By enriching them you are building a channel for them to enrich others. “Let’s say you are in a business where you are to bring in one person who bring in more people who end up bringing more people and on and on and you have a certain share or commission in the network. You find out you become more and more strong by the day because of the number of people connected to you through that one person who end up bring more people. Likewise, the part of you that improves others is a force that can build a lasting bond between you and the people you are helping, because at most times the people you help end up helping others.” And can I tell you the truth? You are stronger, less depress. Never fail to help when you have the opportunity to do so.

You will agree with me, the lot of connections we have with unknown persons on the Internet. Through digital devices, social media this days has given us room to be friends to lot of people we do not even know, see or talk to before. Far beyond that is connection with people we are helping. Your support to other is rewarding indeed. So you got to be good to that your ward. If you buy cloths or shoes to your kids buy for them too. If you do not abuse your kids after feeding them do not abuse them. Remember, long the line, they will always remember you for who you have being in their life. If they remember you for the good you’ve done for them, that will strike their returning to say “THANK YOU” to you.

How Do You Help?
* You don’t know what each person’s burthens are, so be happy with people even when they are strangers to you.
* Buy books or pay fee to the child in school who’s parents cannot afford. You can give them money, food and other items.
* The people you must help mustn’t necessarily be people you know, as much as possible be nice and show kindness to as many. Buy them gift, things you no longer need or use can be very helpful to someone out there.
* Can you remember ever telling your staff well done or giving them a gift?
* When was the last time you give your neighbors children a lift because you saw them in the street walking their way to school?
* Do you care to reach out to the young man out there to appreciate their hard work and what them do.
* How about paying a visit to an uncle and volunteering to do one or two of their chores.
* Hope you can remember the last time you pay a visit to a sick person in the hospital or sending money to their account?
* Do you want to live a good life? Help somebody.
* Can you remember the last time you willingly help an elderly person carry their load? Or helping them get a glass of drinking water? You felt good then or after then, right? There is a saying that if you want joy you serve others.
* Helping others grow is joyful and a lifetime happiness on your part and that of the people you are helping. And you are actually serving when you help.

Vincent was angry, He openly voiced out hot in our group of peers as we gather outside to play as usual those days. His problem was that some of us friends did not congratulate him when his father bought a car. In conclusion he said ‘now I know who love me.’
To him, we should have make him feel better if we’ve all congratulated him and tell him ‘you know what, your father is going to buy a bigger car than this.’ And you know, some times, compliment can just be it.

If you have love then helping can not be difficult. Importantly, there are many ways you can help someone. If you are not just around but can compliment someone when they make new achievement, hug when they are in a sad moment and lend them when they are in need it may mean a lot to them in ways you don’t know.

Always Remember
We are connected to each other no matter how you see it. And we all love to be cared for. Somehow, you connect to the people because you help them and that connection in a way kill loneliness and lower the rates of being depress.

According to experts, helping others is beneficial to your mental and physical health and also gives longer lifespan. I understand we all are busy with work, school, church and family but it really will mean a lot if you make helping someone a priority. Start helping today.

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