Why Not Get An Handwork Instead Of Waiting For A White Collar Job?

Long before now the world have embraced hand-works. The thing about hand-work is what many people consider shameful to learn. To some, the zeal to stay the time and learn under someone is the problem. One truth I want to reveal in this article is that hand-work gives steady flow of income on daily bases. If you can ignore the shame and embrace an hand-work of your choice, it is going to pay you real good in the nearest future.

I have seen many people who learn hand-work back then; now they are well to do people. And you know, the result you are going to get from your hand-work is going to make you happier and financially well ahead of some colleagues or friends who are now going about the white collar jobs.

I want to encourage you to embrace hand-work. Don’t keep carrying C.V around looking for job. You can create one and even be an employer in no time. You may be a graduate. That does not stop you from having an hand-work. So, you are going to need to overlook the shame and put your Certificate aside and learn something.

If you must live a good life you must work with your hands. You cannot see your shadow in the dark, what you can make from hand-work is far behind you unless you have 1 or 2 hand-work that is giving you income. If you come across this post, take the privilege. There are hand-work you can learn and within few months you are up the sure.

You can learn an hand-work while in the secondary, before you enroll into the university. You can learn before you graduate and even after you graduate. Depending on what you made up your mind to learn, people will talk. You are going to have friends laugh and look down on you, they can go as far as disassociating with you and vanished. One thing is sure, hand-work is like a provision shop that sells daily.

Nowadays, every hand-work really pays. If you can put a little more effort to render a better service than some others out there, the surety is that you are going to have some cash out tomorrow if you can learn today, package yourself and start working.

Your handwork makes you the master and boss and gives you the opportunity to employ others.

There are millions of unemployed youths out there who keep looking forward to make an impact in the society. If you have the mindset ‘I’m going to wait for a firm to call me for a job’ you will never understand the joy of being your own boss.

Let me challenge you some more. Can you attend to these question? Wish company do you think can pay Dangote?

This is not to discourage you if you are an employee, if your job pays you well and can stand the test of time – good.

One big challenge I’ve discovered about a beginner is the fear of starting small. In other not to start late, start with what you have to start with or where you have to start from. Either work as an employee; grab the white collar job if you have the opportunity, that is one chance to work and earn money – as starting your own is going to involve some sort of capital – save and enroll to be train and gain experience. That will place you in shape to start your own business and be successful with.

Certainly, no matter the level of unemployment or how bad the economy is, one who have handwork or with useful skill will survive even without a degree. That is not saying college is not good. If you have the opportunity to attend college and get the degree, please do so. You need that college degree too.

Having 1 skill or 2 is one of the greatest assets you can have. Your boss can decide to serve you a sack letter, your buy and sell business may collapse but hardly for your skill or hand-work to die. Your hand-work will push you into business. It shows you have something to offer and it is going to pay you in return.

Check out some hand-work you can learn and make money in just few months

1. Mobile phone Repair
2. Computer Repair
3. Wrist Watches Repair
4. Floor Tiling
5. Shoemaking/ repair
6. Generator mechanic
7. Car mechanic
8. Baking (making snacks, cakes)
9. Makeup business
10. Painting
11. Barbing
12. Tailoring
13. Interior Decoration
14. Beads Making
15. Carpentry
16. Hair Dressing
17. Cooking
18. Electronic repair (e.g. radio, television, fan etc)
19. Photographer
20. Welding
21. Video editing
22. Plumbing
23. Hairstyling
24. Manicure
25. Panel beating
26. Aluminium/ glass Works
27. Solar power, Street light, CCTV installation
28. Web Design/ development
29. Graphic Design
30. Mobile apps development
31. Software development
32. Flower Gardening
33. Digital Marketing

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