Why You Must Investigate A Guys Source Of Income Before Dating Him

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It’s not far fetched… believe it or not, we are living in perilous times and the quest for money is at its highest highs and people would do anything for it.

It is very important that u dont suddenly get too enticed by a guys wealth or his flashy, luxurious or extravagant lifestyle that u jump at any slightest opportunity of dating him or hanging around him as friends. Be careful !!!

There are a thousand and one things that may go wrong and put u in harms way if u neglect due diligence, the price may be too heavy… u might sometimes be lucky to come out of it unscathed and most times u may not.

I ll list somethings that could happen if u dont investigate and know him first.

1. U may be lured and sold off to human part harvesters

2. He may perform some diabolical instructions on u during sex and your organs may begin to rot.

3. He may set u up for rape by his gang/friends

4. He may take your star

5. If he’s diabolical he may condemn your womb, u may not be able to conceive when married.

6. He may spiritually offer you as a piece of sacrifice to renew his wealth covenant and u may run mad thereafter.

7. He may inflict physical/spiritual sickness on u that even a doctors diagnosis will see u as healthy.

8. After taking your star, nothing you do will ever work or yield any profit.

9. He may cast an evil veil/garment on u that will frustrate ur efforts to get married.

10. He may cast a spell on u sexually after sleeping with u and any other guy who sleeps with u as well will be rendered useless and his star stolen.

Yahoo boys are one of many that does the points I highlighted above.

NB: Dont be too eager to jump at any cute rich guys passes at u, u may not know what u are getting urself into.

Ask questions… give it time… pray over it… be smart and do due diligence.

If you are smart u would notice the red flags and then run away.


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